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Benefits & Features

BenefitsThe content, administration, and implementation of this program were designed specifically to meet the needs of working health professionals.  

A curriculum grounded in Adult Learning Theory  
The beliefs of the faculty are reflected in the philosophy of the graduate programs. Graduate students are recognized for the experiences they bring to the educational environment. 

Hybrid delivery of courses  
Market research conducted prior to the design of the program indicated that full-time working graduate students prefer flexible schedules. Classes meet three to six times per semester as a class plus individual meetings with faculty members, independent work and web-based enhancements. 

Full and part-time options  
Graduate students in the EdD program can chose to take a full time course load of 9 hours per term or attend part time. Students may 'trial' the program by taking a class as a non degree-seeking student before finalizing the application process. 

Electronic library resources  
Scholarly research is an essential component of the EdD program. Much of the research may be conducted online utilizing electronic library resources. As always, the library serves as a repository of important documents to be used in research efforts. 

Small classes 
Typical class size is under 20 students. 

Faculty focused on your learning 
Expect faculty to meet often with you in the faculty member's office to facilitate learning and assist with individual and group projects.  

Terminal-degreed faculty  
All full time faculty members have earned a terminal degree (e.g. Ph.D., Ed. D., J.D.) within their area of expertise 

Focus on you  
To a great extent, the research that you conduct is tailored to your professional career goals in education. This program provides learning that enhances your current and future educational goals.   


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