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Program Pillars

SELF LEADERSHIP: The First Pillar of Excellence
Self-awareness is the foundation of leadership. This pillar will help you understand who you are and develop insight into your strengths and limitations. Through self-awareness you will be able to identify self-imposed myths and fears, and practice ways leading toward optimal performance. Self-awareness allows us to explore long-held beliefs, attitudes and unconscious decisions that may have limited the many facets of our lives. It is through self-awareness that we discover – one can become more than one has allowed oneself to be! 

TEAM & PROJECT LEADERSHIP: The Second Pillar of Excellence
Leaders can influence behavior and thinking. Those who lead are skilled at gaining commitment and inspiring individuals to surpass self-imposed limitations. Effective leaders understand that they cannot create extraordinary outcomes without the help of others. The success of the organizational vision depends upon the combined performance and productivity of team members. Therefore, through this pillar you will learn how to lead and inspire teams, manage team dynamics, encourage a shared sense of purpose, help others recognize their importance to the team and ensure that everyone involved contributes his or her best.

Project management is one of the fastest growing professions in today’s business world, and as a discipline it underpins much of the economic activity. In industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, software and aerospace, projects drive business. According to the data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. public and private sectors spends approximately $2.3 trillion on projects every year, an amount equivalent to a quarter of America's GDP. The Bureau further estimated that project-related spending accounted for almost $10 trillion of the world's global Gross Domestic Product with the figures expected to rise over the years. The third pillar will help you develop an understanding of methods and practices used in the field of project management so you can effectively lead project teams in achieving organizational goals.

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP: The Third Pillar of Excellence
Traditionally business programs have focused on developing an understanding of organizational systems, such as finance, marketing, human resource and operations as stand-alone functions within the context of local business environment. However, the influence of the rising economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China on the international socio-economic landscape makes it quite evident that we can ill-afford to constrain our thinking to understanding organizational performance divorced from international political, social, economic, and technological agents of change. Therefore, this program is designed to prepare the students to think in the broader context and consider the strategic global trends on organizational performance.

CAPSTONE - FINAL MODULE: The Foundation of the Program
To manage, lead, and transform organizations requires a firm understanding of the principles governing the financial aspects of business and the critical role of strategy, marketing and human resource management in achieving organizational goals. Though business leaders are not experts in the myriad business functions, they know enough to ask the right questions.

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