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Contact ShariThe Philosophy Program, inspired by Socrates and guided by the mission of the College of Saint Mary, seeks to encourage learning, self-reflection, and personal growth by challenging students to explore their most basic assumptions and emphasizing the importance of seeking the truth rather than accepting the status quo. Philosophy forces students to see things from unfamiliar perspectives, and thus opens their minds to new ways of understanding the world.

Required Courses
18 hours including ETH 200 to be approved by the Philosophy Program Director and the Chair of the Division of Arts and Sciences.

The Core requirement is met by taking ETH 200 “Moral Reasoning” and at least one other core approved philosophy course.

Upon graduation, students who have taken philosophy courses will be able to:


  • Think critically about philosophical issues and express such thoughts clearly and in writing
  • Read diverse philosophical works with an analytic eye
  • Demonstrate knowledge of some of the varying issues, terminology, and figures in philosophy
  • Formulate reasonable arguments for their own beliefs and defend those arguments against criticism
  • Continue the philosophical examination of their beliefs and incorporate this examination into their quest for life-long learning.

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