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Women's Studies

Contact KarlaWomen’s Studies is an interdisciplinary program that gives students the opportunity to learn more about women’s roles and contributions to society. Students choosing to minor in Women’s Studies will explore past and current trends that affect women in their professions and personal lives, as well as learn about the various feminist perspectives, theories, and methodologies.


Students may choose from a variety of courses that focus on women’s contributions in the arts, history, literature, philosophy, and spirituality. Other courses study women in the professions and their position in current culture. Some courses may include a service-learning component in a local organization providing services to women. See the catalog for a more detailed listing of Women’s Studies courses.


A minor in Women’s Studies complements any major chosen by the student and provides an often-neglected perspective in college education. This minor is excellent preparation for future experiences in the work force and/or graduate school.


Required Courses:
18 hours of courses cross-listed as WST. Of these 18 hours, at least 12 hours must be beyond General Education (Core) requirements. Students wishing to minor in Women’s Studies should declare their intent with the Coordinator of Women’s Studies.

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