Develop into a Professional in Educational Leadership

Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership 

If now is the time for you to step into a leadership role in education, learn more about College of Saint Mary’s doctor of education degree with an emphasis in educational leadership. The program is designed to help you leverage the experience you’ve gained in the workplace to teach and/or lead in preschool through grade 12 classrooms, at the college and university level or in businesses/corporations.  Those seeking roles in positions such as curriculum/program directors, department chairs, and education or professional development directors would be well suited for this emphasis.           

Students who do not have a degree in education and who have not been certified to teach will be required to complete 12 credit hours of prerequisite courses prior to beginning of the EdD program.  The choice of prerequisite courses is made upon transcript evaluation.  Click here to see the three year plan of study.

Doctor of Education Degree in Health Professions Education

This program is designed for healthcare professionals who have a desire to lend their expertise in the healthcare field to the classroom, toward patient education or the professional development of others.  As a renowned school of nursing we offer our students the doctor of education with emphasis in health professions education to move what you've learned as a healthcare provider/practitioner to teaching others.  Click here to see the three year plan of study.

For Both Emphases

The doctor of education degree is a cohort program which has a summer start and can be completed in three calendar years.  The program is offered entirely on-line with the exception of a one-week residential requirement on campus each summer.  Competitive tuition with no extra fees.

Scholarly work and research is an essential component of the doctor of education program. The research you conduct as a doctoral candidate will be tailored to your professional goals in health professions or education.

All full-time faculty have earned terminal degrees (e.g. Ph.D., J.D., Ed.D.) within their area of expertise. They are committed to your success as they work closely with you to facilitate learning via individual and group projects.

Our graduates have presented impressive dissertations, including:

  • The Lived Experience of a Special Education High School Dropout: A Case Study: Past and Future
  • Teachers’ Perceptions of Differentiated Instructional Methods Following a Three-Year Staff Development Program
  • Learning Communities Creating Master Teachers
  • Practicing What We Teach: Effective Professional Development for Educators
  • The Impact of Productivity Standards on Level II Occupational Therapy Student Supervision
  • Identifying Students At-Risk for an Adverse Academic Event


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