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Undergraduate Programs
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Doctor of Education
Master in Occupational Therapy
Master in Physician Assistant Studies
Master of Arts in Teaching
Master of Science in Education
Master of Science, Organizational Leadership
Master Science in Nursing
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Program Content

Post Baccalaureate MOT

Course Name 

Course Number 

Course Credits 

Selected Studies in Occupational Therapy 
Fieldwork Level I D
Leadership and Management
Life Span Patterns 
Research Methods *Must be taken before OTH 595
Independent Study (Research Capstone)

OTH 591 
OTH 576 
OTH 652 
OTH 526 
OTH 562
OTH 595


Choose only two of the following courses for total of 6 credit hours:

Level IIC fieldwork
Teaching and Learning Theories
Academic Integrity
Directed Readings 
Teaching and Learning Concepts 
Assessment and Evaluation Strategies in Education 

OTH 676
HCE 845 
PHL 624 
NUR 531
HCE 855
NUR 632 


*Escrow Credits from fieldwork and work experience

OTH 674 
OTH 675 


Total Credits

24 (32 with escrow credits)

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