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Health and Nutrition

Objective: The objective of this activity is to teach students how science is used to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Materials (provided by CSM): Sugar, plastic bags, balances, bottle of pop, candy bar, strawberries, chocolate milk, white milk, cheerios, honey nut cheerios, Glo-germ powder, Glo-germ lotion, pencil, Glo-germ worksheet, black lights, paper plates.

Glo-Germ Worksheets and Lesson Plans

- How does science help us stay healthy?
- What are different things we can do to stay healthy?
- Why is it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
- The importance of a nutritious diet.
- How much sugar is in the food we that eat?
- Ways to incorporate each food group into our diets.
- What are nutrients?
- What are germs and why do we study them?
- How do germs spread?
- The importance of proper hand washing.
- The steps of proper hand washing.

Activity Description:
The students will have the opportunity to measure out the amount of sugar we should consume each day and then compare this to the amount of sugar found in common food items. The students will make a food plate diagram that emphasizes the suggested amounts of each food group and ways that they can incorporate these foods into their diet.

Glo-germ products are used to simulate the ways germs may spread in the classroom. After students learn the proper hand washing technique, they will be able to test what they have learned. Each student will apply a small amount of Glo-germ lotion to their hands. This lotion glows under black light to represent germs. After washing their hands, students will then recheck their hands to see if any “germs” remain.

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