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*College of Saint Mary is no longer accepting applications for the Master of Health Sciences program for the 2020 academic year. 

Master in Health Sciences

The Master in Health Sciences is an ideal program for those interested in building their academic profile and résumé (including completing and presenting independent research), completing graduate coursework, and demonstrating academic excellence for career advancement. Students can also complete meaningful coursework and experiences while preparing for a graduate program in physician assistant studies, occupational therapy or physical therapy.

Additionally, the program is also well-suited for students who want to begin graduate studies in biology, chemistry or related fields without having to commit to a doctoral level program.

The core curriculum consists of science methods, design and literacy courses and independent research. The core curriculum typically requires three semesters to complete. Concurrently, students complete 21 credit hours of advanced science courses in a wide variety of fields. Many of these courses run parallel with undergraduate courses, but graduate students will complete research based, experiential components in addition to the undergraduate coursework.

Degrees Offered

Master in Health Sciences