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Why does this program exist? The science students and faculty at CSM know how important science is in our modern world. Because we were kids once, we also know that sometimes science can seem boring, dull or pointless to children. By creating and providing hands-on activities, we want to bring some of the excitement we have for science to the next generation of scientists!

What is the program like? Our students have put together a number of great "activity packages" which can be provided at multiple grade levels. We have activities for measuring mass, volume and temperature, weather, light and sound, health and nutrition, states of matter, and Earth and its inhabitants, as well as other activities. We will be adding new activities all the time. For more information see the "Activities" link below.

How does the program work? Simply choose the activity you would like us to present to your students and give us a two week time window with available times. We will then contact you with a proposed time. After that CSM science students show up, set up, and provide your students with a fun,educational and unique activity. For more details, go to scheduling.

Please explore the links below for more information about our program and how you and your students can become involved in our program.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our faculty coordinator, aroe [at] (Amanda Roe, PhD).

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