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Dissertations and Theses @ College of Saint Mary

Standardized Examinations as Predictors of NCLEX-PN® Success.  Whitham, Karen.

Exploring Nursing Students' Perceptions of Older Adults: The Impact of Gerontological Education.  Friday, Vivienne E.

The Impact of Productivity Standards on Level II Occupational Therapy Student Supervision. Kimmerling, Melissa S.

Fostering Role Transition: Bridging Nursing Education and Nursing Practice. Slone, Cynthia.

State of Nebraska Reading Comprehension/Vocabulary Test and the Local American Literature Criterion-referenced Test for Public School Eleventh Grade Students: A Correlational Study, Beckmann, Priscilla A.

Evidence-Based Practice Clinical Evaluation Criteria for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curricula. Bostwick, Lina.

The Suffering Journey: Lived Experiences of Persons Who Have Endured Life-Impacting Suffering Events, Braband, Barbara J.

Patients' Perceptions of Living with a Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Costa, Lety

Generational Differences of Baccalaureate Nursing Students' Preferred Teaching Methods and Faculty Use of Teaching Methods, Delahoyde, Theresa. 

The Emotional Impact on Native and Non-native Employees Who Stay After an Internal Appointment of a Leader in a Higher Education Institution, Ehrlich, Jeff A. 

Nurses’ Attitudes towards Sex Offenders, Fitzke, Molly M. 

Intimate Partner Violence:The Lived Experience of an Individual’s Perception of the Holistic Severing of One’s Self from an Intimate Partner Violence Relationship, Gabriel, Sue L. 

Non-Psychiatric Nursing Faculty Perceptions of Working with Mentally Ill Patients A Qualitative Phenomenological Study, Harms, Ann M. 

A Dream Envisioned: African Americans' Struggles and Experiences Toward Success in Higher Education in Health Related and Non-Health Related Disciplines, Harper, Hallie R. 

Entry Level Competence of Nurses by the Type of Program, Hawkins, Peggy.

Perceptions of Novice Clinical Adjunct Nursing Faculty, Himmelberg, Layna  

Academic and Nonacademic Predictors of Future Success on the NCLEX-RN® Licensure Examination for Nurses, Humphrey, Jo Ann.

In Search of a Message to Promote Personal Health Information Management, Jacobs, Ellen B. 

Teen Mother Perceptions of Support Program Influence on Self-efficacy, Parenting-efficacy, and School Success. Jamal, Liliane.

The Relationship of Nursing Faculty Clinical Teaching Behaviors to Student Learning, Kube, Marcia L. 

The Effect of a School Nurse Led Education Intervention on Blood Pressure and Physical Activity Levels in Adolescents, Leibold, Nancyruth. 

Nursing Students' Perception of How Prepared They Are To Assess Patients' Spiritual Needs, Mahon Graham, Patricia E. 

Effectiveness of Obesity Sensitivity Education on Changing Attitudes and Beliefs of Nurses and Nursing Students, Marcum, Linda. 

Student's Perception of Using Music as Pedogogy in the Learning Process, McAdams-Jones, Dianne. 

Barriers to the Publication of Scientific Literature by Academic Certified, Moos, Daniel D. 

Experiences of African Americans in Nursing Education, Orduna, Aubray. 

A Reframing of Protective Factors in the Contexts of Risk, Adversity and Competence in Adolescents, Pierorazio, Daria A. 

Characteristics of Retained Nursing Faculty, Piskac, Ellen M. 

The Perceived Role of Physician Office Health Coaches In Delivering Chronic Care to Patients In A Primary Care Clinic Group In The Midwest: A Phenomelogical Qualitative Study, Roberts-Anderson, Janet Patricia. 

Digital Age Code-Switching in Pre-Service Teachers, Rose-Woodward, Jennifer A.   

A Service Learning Clinical Experience and its Effect on Nurses' Attitides towards the Poor, Sandhurst, 
  Holly L.      

Learning Communities Creating Master Teachers, Schnebel Schiermeyer, Brenda L. 

The Experience of New Nursing Graduates on Labor and Delivery Units: A Phenomenological Approach, Simpson-Cosimano, Amy J. 

Nursing Students' Self Efficacy Following Participation in a Service Learning Teaching Activity, Smid, Mary Kay. 

Psychiatric Nurses' Perceptions of Competence In Developing Therapeutic Relationships, Taylor-Trujillo, Ann.

Practicing What We Teach: Effective Professional Development for Educators, Trehearn, Mary K.

Measuring Changes in Attitude, Skill and Knowledge of Undergraduate Nursing Students after Receiving an Educational Intervention in Intimate Partner Violence, Wallace, Connie M. 

Team-Based Versus Traditional Learning in a Blended Learning Environment: Effect on Self-Regulated Outcomes of Nursing Students.  Whittaker, Alice A.

Oncology Nurses' Perceptions of Educational Needs of Female Cancer Survivors Post Treatment, Willrett, Kathleen Anne.