Cynthia McCroy

Cynthia McCroy

Class of 2017

Major: Occupational Therapy

This is What I Mean by Bloom 

With a passion to help others, Cynthia McCroy knew College of Saint Mary’s occupational therapy program was the perfect fit.

“After my father had surgery, he started working with an occupational therapist,” Cynthia said. “With her guidance and a lot of hard work, he’s as good as new. Watching this transformation led me on a new career path to become an occupational therapist!”

Cynthia felt that College of Saint Mary was the right choice for a number of reasons: small class size, caring instructors and a fantastic OT program where she’d be able to excel both in and out of the classroom.

“There is camaraderie among the women here and we cheer each other on.  We all help each other realize how strong we are as women,” she said

Cynthia is also very involved in the campus community, participating in Campus Ministry and EBONI

“College of Saint Mary is special because it encourages women to pursue their dreams,” Cynthia said. “This university empowers women to be more than they think they’re capable of.”