We're Making a Quality Education More Affordable for You

College of Saint Mary is taking a stand against the rising cost of education by reducing undergraduate tuition across the board. Here’s President Maryanne Stevens, RSM, on what that means for students.

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What we're doing.

For undergraduate students,

We're reducing tuition.



Current undergraduates are guaranteed at least





We’re proud to say that our very own students, faculty and alumnae helped us share the message that we’re making education more accessible and affordable.


No fees will
be charged

upon acceptance.

No woman will
be turned away

because of her financial situation.

Why are we doing it?

Our mission has always been to provide every woman access to a transformative education, at a price that is affordable for her and her family.

Our college was founded to call forth potential and foster leadership for women who not only seek an education but seek to acquire the skills to better their lives and society.

I feel empowered here. Like my voice is heard and my opinions matter. We’re encouraged to speak up and be strong.

Kennedy Cascio


We’re not reducing tuition because

we have to.

College of Saint Mary has never been stronger. Under the 20-year leadership of President Maryanne Stevens, RSM, we now have the largest full-time enrollment in history, record on-campus residency and we continue to add new sports and academic programs.

We’re doing it because it’s the right

thing to do.

A college degree is one of the best investments to achieve a financially stable life, and we want to make that more accessible for all women. No matter what. And while we are helping these women better themselves, we are hopefully helping change the national trend of rising tuition.

CSM wants me to be the very best version of myself, and to help me realize my dream of serving others.

Shabnam Waheed

Human Biology/Physician Assistant Studies