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Misericordia Scholarship Application

The Misericordia Scholarship is provided to undocumented students of diverse backgrounds who are not eligible for federal financial assistance. This significant scholarship allows students to attend College of Saint Mary at a fraction of the cost.


February 1st


February 28th

Final Steps

After submitting the form below, there are three final steps necessary to complete your application. These steps do not need to be completed before submitting the form, but must be taken care of before your application will be considered complete.

1. Submit Letters Of Recommendation

You will need to submit one letter of recommendation from teachers, counselors, coaches or managers who know you and can comment on your abilities and experiences in school and community. Please ask the person providing the recommendation to go to the following link in order to complete the recommendation: Misericordia Scholarship Recommendation

2. Estimate Financial Need

Go to and complete the Education Quest Foundation's free College Funding Estimator to determine the Estimated Family Contribution and input it above. Print the results from this tool and bring them with you to your interview.

3. Personal Interview

Once we have received all of this information, you may be asked to participate in an in-person or phone interview by CSM's Misericordia Scholarship Committee. When your application is complete, your admissions representative will schedule this interview if required.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Misericordia Scholarship.

Misericordia Application

Please Provide Composite ACT or Combined Critical Reading+Math SAT Score
To determine amount above, complete the Education Quest Foundation free College Funding Estimator
Please list any honors/awards you have received and the year in which they were given.


Please write an essay (approximately 1,000 words) on one of these topics: What impact do you believe the Misericordia Scholarship will have on your life and career? You may compose the essay in another program (like Word) and paste the completed essay above. Be sure to check the formatting after you make the paste!