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Virtual Guest Book 

Terri Campbell '93 - "Hello to my sister alums! I hope you are well, and staying safe. And, I hope you can join in on the virtual Homecoming celebrations this weekend! It would be great to see you!"

Rebecca Pick '73 -  "Loved my time at CSM!!!"

Jo Peterson '70 - "I lived in the "day hop" world, studying in the "day hop" lounge, the little room in the northwest corner of the main building. Many great memories and great friends!"

Peggy Pritchard Antognoli '70 - "What a ride!"

Catherine Schmitz '50-'52 -  "Thank you Sisters Of Mercy and Sister Maryanne Stevens."

Judy Nyquist Wickersham '75 - "So happy to be a part of this year’s festivities!"

Judy Lyman Retired Staff - "Great job"