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It’s very important to have open communication with your daughters so they feel like they can talk to you about their difficulties and successes.

However, open communication will not ensure that you get the opportunity to talk to them about alcohol, and only direct conversations will be able to give them the skills they may need.

Your input about risks and strategies coupled with your understanding of their beliefs about alcohol at the university will act as important protective factors as they start their college careers.

3 Keys to Successful Communication About Alcohol

All three keys to successful communication are important for impactful discussions about alcohol. None of them alone can accomplish the goal of helping your daughters navigate the risks associated with drinking at college.

Only you know which of these are your strengths and which you need to work on. Your input can truly make a difference, especially if it is founded in CSM-specific information that is effectively communicated and builds upon a healthy relationship.

How can you prepare your daughters for the risks of drinking in college?