The cost of tuition is listed by program on this page. We encourage you to talk to a helpful financial aid team member to see what tuition assistance, scholarships and financial aid may be available to you.

We look forward to working with you as you complete the financial aid process including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can also determine your eligibility for College of Saint Mary scholarships using our academic scholarship eligibility calculator.

2014—2015 Tuition Information

Undergraduate Programs

12 or more credits, per semester             $13,992
Business Leadership & Management, per semester $  6,435
Part-Time Student, per credit hour            $      915


Graduate Programs

Master of Occupational Therapy, per semester $13,992
Doctor of Education, per credit hour $   710
Master of Arts in Teaching, per credit hour $    590
Teaching Endorsement, per credit hour $    590
Master of Science in Nursing, per credit hour $    590
Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate, per credit hour $    470
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, per credit hour $    375
Master of Science in Education, per credit hour $    285


Special Rates

Practical Nursing Certificate, per credit hour $    312
Alegent Creighton Health/Boys Town Employee, per credit hour  $    350
Dual Credit and Early College Start Music Lessons, per course $    330
Credit by Exam/Challenge, per credit hour $    120
Portfolio Assessment, per credit hour $    120
Dual Credit & Early College Start, per credit hour $    100
Audit a Course during Undergraduate Program, per credit hour $    1/2 tuition rate
Audit a Course post College of Saint Mary bachelor's degree and senior citizens $    FREE for 3 credit hours per semester
Summer 2014 tuition for regular full- or part-time students, per credit hour  $    550


Other Tuition Information

  • Online or independent study courses are charged according to the tuition plan for that program.
  • Catholic educators who seek to pursue a master’s degree in teaching or additional teaching endorsements and who work full time in a Catholic school will pay half the program tuition rate. (Master of Science in Education students are not eligible for the Catholic educator discount.)


Residence Hall

Double Room, per semester            $ 3,600
Single Room, per semester (restrictions apply, contact Residence Life) $ 3,900
Residence Hall contract breakage penalty $   500
Summer 2014 $   925


Financial Charges and Penalties

Late Semester Financial Arrangements Penalty, per semester $  100
Late Payment Penalty, per month            $    60
Payment Plan Charge, per semester $    40
Return/Re-Issue Check Penalty, per check            $    25