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Your Journey Means the World to Us

We don’t mind saying it: We think College of Saint Mary alumnae are the best alumnae a college could have!

We know you heard often while you were on campus that College of Saint Mary's only reason to exist is to facilitate student learning. We want to thank you for the impressions and spirit you left on campus, a spirit being felt every day by students, faculty and staff alike. It is the spirit of women walking into the future with confidence, courage and faith. Thanks to your lead — the shared experiences of your journeys — and your gifts of time, talent and resources, every student who walks through our halls receives unmatched support and advice to help her walk forward and Bloom.

You are part of an alumnae group boasting smart professionals: healthcare providers, gifted educators, business leaders, attorneys and more. Make sure you let us know about your journey by keeping in contact and return as often as you want to renew that spirit.

We are grateful for your interest and involvement. We invite you to attend our alumnae and college-wide events, to share your experiences with us via social media and with our Alumnae Relations team. Share how College of Saint Mary helped you Bloom. Let us know how to keep in touch with you and how we can support you with prayer and networking.