Apply Your Love of Teaching and Desire to Lead to Further Your Career

Master of Arts Degree in Teaching

When teaching is in your heart, it’s one of the most fulfilling careers to pursue. With a graduate degree in education from College of Saint Mary, you can meld your love for teaching with a desire to lead and further your career. If you’ve been working in another career field altogether, but know it’s time to be in a classroom, our master of arts degree in teaching helps you apply what you know to core tenets of teaching to make a difference in the world.

Degrees Offered

Master of Arts Degree in Teaching — Elementary Education (Grades K-6)

Master of Arts Degree in Teaching — Middle School (Grades 4-9) and Secondary Education (Grades 7-12)

Master of Arts Degree in Teaching — K-12 English as a Second Language

Career Outlook

The U.S. Department of Labor/Employment projects an increase of up to 15 percent in education jobs by 2022. The annual median salary is listed at $48,790.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration