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BOLD Studies for Deciding Students

An Intentional Pathway that will Launch Your Career

Explore the possibilities at College of Saint Mary!

Choosing a major when you have multiple strengths, and there are numerous options can be a daunting task. Rather than beginning in one major, only to discover later that it is not the right fit, why not begin exploring with us?

The academic advisors in BOLD Studies for Deciding Students will help you identify interests, strengths, values, skills, and develop career goals. The combination of assessments, practical skill-building, dedicated time, and space to explore career options is an effective strategy for addressing major and career decision-making. Together, you will explore the possibilities at CSM and find the one that fits you and your goals best.

    Our BOLD approach will empower you to BELONG to a cohort-based learning community; OVERCOME obstacles associated with managing multiple interests and career choice; LEAD to develop sought-after career skills; and DECIDE on a career path suited to your multiple talents. Your BOLD Studies team is ready to assist you as you make these important life decisions.

      Benefits to being a Deciding student:

      Benefits to being a Deciding student:
      • Discover a major that is the perfect fit for you and how your specific talents and interests can lead to successful careers.

      • Receive one-on-one attention from knowledgeable faculty and staff advisors to develop a plan which includes taking courses that fit into multiple majors simultaneously.

      • The program will keep you on a four-year graduation path.

      • Take risks and follow your passion and make an informed decision about your future.

      As a student enrolled in BOLD Studies, you will experience:

      As a student enrolled in BOLD Studies, you will experience:
      • A BOLD Seminar your fall semester.
      • Team meetings with a faculty advisor and a student success advisor.
      • Leadership Leap, a program to help engage first-year students in the college experience (spring semester).
      • Career exploration, which will include a monthly employer snapshot with community partners to highlight employment, shadowing and internship opportunities.
      • A plan of study designed to ensure you’re on the correct path toward achieving your unique goals and aspirations.
      • Development of an e-portfolio that showcases skills and experiences gained in and out of the classroom.
      • Other opportunities will include financial literacy workshops, nutrition, study hours, and support groups to develop strategies for success.

      CSM’s Student Success Advisors Help Student Navigate College

      Through the guidance and support of Haley's Student Success Advisor, Haley was able to find her passion and declare a major.

      The Office of Student Success also helps students create a success plan, goal setting, and finances. They also check in frequently throughout the academic year, which Haley appreciates.

      “It’s like having an extra voice to tell me everything is going to be OK,” Haley said. Haley chose CSM after visiting several colleges. None of the other colleges felt like home to her.

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