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Earn College Credit While You’re Still in High School

Save time and money

That’s right. You can earn college credit at College of Saint Mary while you’re still a high school student. We offer two ways to do that.

The first option is through our Dual Credit Program in which you take a course and earn both high school and college credit. These courses are taught at a local high school. If you wish to take a dual credit course, you must be at least 16 years old, have a minimum 3.0 GPA as documented by an appropriate administrator from your high school, and complete and submit an application for dual credit to College of Saint Mary. Your high school teacher will provide the application form near the beginning of the class.

The second option is through our Early College Start Program in which you register for regular college courses taught on the College of Saint Mary campus. To participate in this program, you must contact the registrar [at] (subject: Early%20College%20Start%20Program) (registrar's office) at 402-399-2443, to complete an information sheet and a registration form.