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$80,000 Marie Curie Scholarship

Pursue Your Passion in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Human Biology

With the support of the National Science Foundation, College of Saint Mary offers a unique and competitive program for academically talented students who excel in STEM. Our Marie Curie Scholarship provides significant financial support and resources for young women who want to major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Human Biology (non-Pre-PA majors). 

You could receive up to $20,000 toward your College of Saint Mary education each year while you live on campus and continue to meet program requirements. That is up to $80,000 for a four year degree! Marie Curie Scholars receive academic support from tutors, gain research opportunities, enjoy a community of bright, science and math minded women, and participate in seminars and student clubs.

This program will: 

  • Prepare you to smoothly transition from high school to college courses.
  • Expose you to STEM in your everyday life.
  • Help you explore careers in STEM.
  • Assist with applications to graduate school or employment.
  • Strengthen your beliefs and confidence in your abilities.


In addition to financial support toward tuition, Marie Curie Scholars also have these great opportunities:

  • You will participate in undergraduate research with doctorate-level faculty in biology, chemistry, math, and human biology.
  • Have funding for student travel to a national conference to present research in your junior or senior year.
  • Experience the Annual Kickstart Event, where you'll dust off science and math skills and get to know other Marie Curie Scholars. 
  • Enjoy the friendship and fun that goes with having a peer "Sister" mentor. Returning Marie Curie Scholars help your adjust to college-level science and math courses, and engage in the campus community.
  • Free tutoring in advanced and upper-level science and math courses.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Human Biology (non-Pre-PA).
  • Must meet 2 of the 3 criteria to successfully apply:
    • Minimum High school GPA of 3.5
    • ACT at or above 23
    • Strong demonstration of STEM preparedness through coursework, STEM extracurricular activities, and/or job experience in science and math.
  • Preference is given to students that wish to pursue non medicine STEM careers.
  • Preference is given to students with high financial aid need and individuals from underrepresented groups (including first-generation, minority groups, single parents).
  • Must be a U.S. citizen





      January 23


      Begin February 6


      No later than March 1


      Application Requirements


      Seven Marie Curie Scholarships are offered each year. Please note that students accepted to the pre-physician assistant/human biology and physician assistant studies programs are not eligible for this award.