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Applied Psychology and Human Services

Use Your Psychology Degree to Help Others in a Variety of Ways

Whether you are interested in the scientific aspects of psychology or working with clients in the field, College of Saint Mary has the right psychology major for you.

Our applied psychology and human services major trains students in the human services field by focusing on current social problems, cultural issues, counseling and fundamental research skills. The coursework incorporates a strong background in many areas of psychology and prepares you for professional positions where you work directly with clients. Within a personalized classroom setting, you’ll learn to use your empathy and understanding to help others.

As psychological and social problems increase in our society and around the globe, there is a significant and growing demand for professionals to help address complex problems and lead in the community.

Research Opportunities

CSM students who study in the field of psychology are given the unique opportunity to engage in research with professors or in small groups with a solid background in several areas of psychology. Students develop critical skills, gain mentorship, and prepare for graduate school or fieldwork. These experiences not only contribute to academic growth but also lay the foundation for successful careers in academia and beyond. Many students credit their undergraduate research experiences at CSM to their success in their careers or their continuation into graduate studies. 


Degrees Offered & Overview

Degrees Offered & Overview

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Undergraduate Degrees Offered

Minor Offered

Minor in Psychology

Program Details

Program Details

Start Date: August or January of each year
Program Length: 4 Years

Career Outlook

Career Outlook

Working in psychology and human services is more than just rewarding, it’s in high demand. The median annual salary for child, family and school social workers is $49,150, with a projected growth of 8 to 10% by 2031. Social science research assistants earn a median annual salary of $49,720 and demand is expected to grow 11% or higher by 2031.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration

Student Activities & Organizations

Student Activities & Organizations

Study Away Trips and Study Abroad

As a psychology student, you would have many opportunities for study away trips within the United States and abroad. These trips are typically centered around a specific course and take the learning outside of the classroom. Students learn about other countries, cities, their cultures and unique history.

Student Psychology Club

Fuel your curiosity and ignite your passion for the human mind through the Student Psychology Club. The club is a community for all CSM undergraduate students eager to delve into the depths of psychology. You will gain knowledge of the field, connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, resources, and opportunities to make an impact in the community.

Students Grow in Learning and Relationship Building 

Abril found her passion for helping others through her psychology courses.

Through the learning process, Abril realized that her dream job was to become a school counselor. "That's how I ended up in psychology, and it changed my life," she said. The courses have allowed her to learn more about herself than ever before. "I've learned about my strengths and weaknesses. Through the courses and psychology department, I've been able to enhance my relationships with others. It's been very eye-opening and is rewarding to see how I've grown as an individual because of the psychology program."

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