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Degrees Offered in Arts & Sciences

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Our art faculty is committed to providing the opportunity and environment for the best possible education in the visual arts.


With two biology majors to choose from, we're striving to meet the growing and vital worlds of healthcare and science. 


Earn your degree in Chemistry to go on to a number of high paying, in-demand fields, such as Pharmacy or Chemical Engineering.  


Love to write? You'll flourish in our English program. With this degree you can do just about anything. (and ask about our Saint Mary's Review!)


If you're looking for a way to move ahead in your career, but haven't quite discovered your true passion yet, then our general studies degree will help you expand your opportunities.


Let your compassion and understanding of the human condition drive you towards a successful career with a degree in the humanities.


If you’re interested in how the human body moves, works and performs, our new degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science is for you.


Math experts are in demand. When you graduate you'll find a number of options ahead of you, many with high-paying salaries. 


Our psychology major introduces you to research and uses a solid background in several areas of psychology to prepare you for graduate coursework or professional school.


Theology isn’t just a degree, it’s a way to live your life. Your passion, faith and skills in analytical thinking and research will make you an asset in this field.