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Teaching Endorsements and Certificates

Initial certification (licensure) in Nebraska is based on completion of an accredited teacher preparation program at a four-year teacher training institution. Candidates successfully completing the teacher education program requirements at College of Saint Mary are eligible to apply for a Nebraska certificate.

What is the difference between an endorsement and certification?
Certification refers to licensure to teach. Endorsement is the area in which you chose to teach, i.e. elementary, secondary math, special education, etc.

What is the difference between a field endorsement and a subject endorsement?
Subject endorsements are in a specific area, such as history and math or physics and English. Field endorsements are broader in coverage, such as Social Science or Language Arts, which cover several areas within the "field".

Elementary Education Endorsements

  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary & Special Education Dual
  • Elementary & Early Childhood Education Supplemental
  • Early Childhood Inclusive

K-12 Endorsements

  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Theology

Middle School Endorsements

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science

Secondary School Endorsement

  • Biology
  • Business, Marketing and Information Technology
  • Chemistry
  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Special Education
  • World Language - Spanish

Supplementary Endorsements

  • Reading and Writing (K-6 or 7-12)

We adhere to the strictest standards for certification as required by the Nebraska Department of Education. Effective Sept.1, 2015: All candidates applying for certification in Nebraska must provide evidence they have taken the required Praxis II content test and received the required passing score

Completion of the education program does not guarantee certification. Students who successfully meet state required competencies may qualify for a Nebraska Teaching Certificate. Continuous growth in knowledge, pedagogy and professionalism, as well as satisfactory performance during student teaching and completion of Praxis II for each content area as required by Nebraska Rule is in the recommendation for certification. 

Failure to apply for Nebraska Teacher Certification at the time of program completion/graduation may result in your program not meeting Rule 20 or 24 changes in interim between application and program completion.  Rule changes in effect at the time of application will need to be made up as deficiencies.

Since certification requirements of various states differ, a student planning to teach in a state other than Nebraska should inquire about specific requirements for that state.