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Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies

Have You Earned College Credit? Complete Your Degree and Grow in Your Career

Do you have some college credit hours completed? Are you looking for a way to move ahead in your career, but you haven't discovered a specific field of interest? Our general studies degree will help you expand your opportunities.

Our program will strengthen your oral and written communication skills, analytical and ethical thinking abilities, and introduce you to a variety of subjects and fields that will broaden your understanding of the world and the people in it.

Best of all, you can pursue this degree full time or, if you are working full time, by taking one or two classes each semester. If you wish, you can choose an area of focus by completing 24 credit hours in a specific program — art, history, music, philosophy, communication, business, English or social science.

This degree prepares you for success in whatever career you pursue because it develops your ability to communicate clearly when writing and speaking, think critically and strategically about complex problems, work as part of a diverse team, solve problems, adapt quickly to new settings and situations and understand the global context in which we all live and work  — all transferable skills! If you seek to continue your education, this degree provides great preparation for graduate school because it is multi-disciplinary and you can determine what courses to study as they relate to your personal and professional goals.

Degree Offered

Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies

Career Outlook

General studies graduates work in a variety of roles including  advertising, sales and promotions, management and non-profit and human services. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, advertising and promotions managers earn a median annual salary of $93,880 and opportunities are predicted to increase between 3-7 percent by 2022. The Labor department also predicts an increase in demand of 22 percent or higher for logistics analysts who interpret information about logistics elements including availability, maintainability, reliability, supply chain management, strategic sourcing or distribution, supplier management or transportation and make recommendations to improve or streamline the process for maximum efficiency. Logistics analysts earn an annual median salary of $73,400. Social and community service managers plan, direct or coordinate the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization from budget to fruition and earn a median annual salary of $61,160. The labor department projects a 15-21 percent increase in demand for this field by 2022.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration