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Biology and Human Biology

Two Biology Majors to Meet the Growing and Vital Worlds of Healthcare and Science

Our biology major will prepare you for a career in lab or field research environment, environmental education, biotechnology, forensic science, industry, science communication, bioregulation, advanced education and many other options, while our human biology major will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in clinical labs, medicine and to pursue advanced education. You even have opportunities to do undergraduate research and internships in the field. We have placed graduates into graduate programs and medical, dental, physical therapy, physician assistant and veterinary schools.

You also have the benefit of being able to earn your Bachelor of Science degree in human biology as a pre-physician assistant status student and your master of science in physician assistant studies in just five years with our combined tracks. These competitive programs have a limited number of spots available and some additional admission requirements, as noted on the program-specific pages linked above and below. Our multi-million dollar renovation to our math and science buildings provides the perfect environment you need to succeed.

Research Opportunities 

Students have the opportunity to engage in research while studying as a biology or human biology major at CSM. The course "BIO 268/269 - Environmental Biology" offers a hands-on and engaging approach to learning about environmental science. The class goes beyond traditional textbooks and lectures, allowing students to immerse themselves in nature and study biological principles in action. Students venture into local ecosystems, such as Little Papillion Creek, to collect data on pollution levels, analyze aquatic life, and understand the health of the environment. Read more about the research project in the Little Papillion Creek. 

Degrees Offered & Overview

Degrees Offered & Overview

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Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees Offered

Minors Offered

Student Activities & Organizations

Student Activities & Organizations

Animals, Plants & Nature (APN)

Join fellow students from diverse backgrounds and majors who share your fascination for fish, wildlife, lush flora, towering trees, and the Great Outdoors in Animals, Plants and Nature club. APN allows all CSM students to explore the wonders of nature by participating in meetings, activities, guest speakers, field trips, and more. Discover, learn and experience the natural world like never before.

Green Team

If you’re passionate about making a real impact on our planet and creating a greener future, join the Green Team. Discover how you can be a driving force for sustainability. The Green Team focuses primarily on inducting sustainable practices on a campus-wide scale. This eco-friendly group fundraises for these projects and raises awareness about the different environmental issues and practices by hosting events for students.

STEMinists Club

Calling all curious minds and aspiring scientists! If you’re ready to explore the fascinating realms of math and science, the STEMinists Club is your ticket to a world of endless possibilities. This club strives to serve its members by finding outreach programs, hosting informative sessions about various career paths, and discovering math- or science-related opportunities.

Career Outlook

Career Outlook

Conduct or assist in research, including collecting information and samples of blood, water, soil, plants or animals. Analyze experimental data and interpret results, then write summaries of your findings. A degree in biology or human biology could mean finding answers that could help save lives. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median salary for biologists is $82,530.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration

Additional career information is available at the American Institute of Biological Services website.