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Degrees Offered in Health Professions

College of Saint Mary is known for preparing women to enter the health profession. Our graduates work for some of the most prestigious hospitals, healthcare facilities and private institutions across the nation. From the entry level practical nursing certificate to doctor of education in health professions education, hiring agents know they can count on College of Saint Mary graduates to hit the ground running.

Select the field you want to lead in or the degree program of interest to learn more.

Biology & Human Biology

With two biology majors to choose from, we're striving to meet the growing and vital worlds of healthcare and science. 

Kinesiology & Exercise Science

If you’re interested in how the human body moves, works and performs, our new degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science is for you.

Medical Laboratory Science

Make a difference in people's lives through medical technology, a rapidly growing field in health care. 


Our graduates are highly sought after by some of the biggest and most prominent hospitals in the Midwest. We offer the Practical Nursing certificate and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs. 

Occupational Therapy

In just three years (graduate entry) or six years (accelerated entry) you can become an occupational therapist earning a high salary while making an impact on those who need it most. 

Physical Therapy

Through this brand new innovative doctorate program, students will be able to earn a terminal degree in just 2.5 years. Its special design will combine the flexibility of online courses with hands-on, in-person learning sessions.

Physician Assistant Studies

In just two years (CASPA – graduate entry) or five years (accelerated entry) you can become a physician assistant to practice medicine while making an impact on those in need.


Our psychology major introduces you to research and uses a solid background in several areas of psychology to prepare you for graduate coursework or professional school.