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Degrees Offered in Education

One of the reasons College of Saint Mary education majors are highly sought after by schools is because of their ability to hit the ground running in the real-world classroom setting. That’s because our program uniquely places you in classrooms a full year prior to most other programs in the area. You get into the field sooner than in many programs so you can apply what you’re learning and experience the dynamics of actual classrooms as well as the impact of your actions on the children you help teach. This opportunity, combined with the career-relevant endorsements we offer help you prepare to lead and enjoy a fulfilling, fruitful career in education.

You may choose to focus on any level — early childhood, elementary, middle school, secondary, special education or K-12 education. A supplemental endorsement could include reading and writing.

We also offer S.M.A.R.T. — we partner with Girls, Inc so you can teach and mentor elementary girls on campus.

Student Activities & Organizations

Student Activities & Organizations


Student Education Association of Nebraska’s main focus is to further the understanding of education as a profession, providing a united student voice in matters affecting the position and advancing the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in the field of education.



Operation S.M.A.R.T. (Science, Math and Relevant Technology)

Operation S.M.A.R.T. is a partnership between Girls, Inc., Omaha and College of Saint Mary. The mission of Girls Inc. is to encourage girls and young women to be strong, smart and bold and to make career choices and develop leadership skills that have traditionally not been open to them. With Operations S.M.A.R.T., kindergarten through sixth grade girls of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic groups receive instruction in natural and social sciences, math and technology. The girls from Girls Inc., come to campus in an after-school program two afternoons a week for instructional activities. These activities provide hands-on natural/social science and math experiences to increase their confidence in their ability to succeed, and excel, in these fields. The girls work extensively with computers, cameras, handheld devices and other technology.  Students enrolled in teaching math and natural/social science courses provide this instruction and complete 64 practicum hours in Operation S.M.A.R.T.

Field Experiences & Clinical Practice

Field Experiences & Clinical Practice

College of Saint Mary education graduates are known for being effective teachers from the start because of what they have learned in classrooms and the field while at CSM.

Very early on at College of Saint Mary we’ll give you opportunities to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real life through clinical and field experiences. We use our strong reputation as a leader in educating teachers and our community connections to set you up for success!

Field Experiences

Every student requesting a student teaching placement must have completed at least 100 hours in pre-student teaching experiences, and CSM undergraduates complete an average of 150 hours. These experiences are required and provided within course structures that meet certification requirements.

Clinical Experience 

In compliance with Rule 20 of Nebraska law, College of Saint Mary requires teacher candidates to teach full days, 16-20 weeks, in one or two placements, depending on area(s) of endorsement.  If students have two placements, they change schools, grade levels, and content areas of special assignments at the end of 8 or 10 weeks. All teacher candidates teach in fields or subjects for which they will be endorsed.

Education Major Gains Real-World Experience

Mackenzie was impressed by the close-knit community CSM offered, which was the perfect fit.

CSM’s education program offers its students unique practicum experiences a full year before most other programs in the area. Mackenzie has spent time in classrooms in the Westside and Millard districts.

In addition, CSM has a partnership with Girls, Inc. called Project SMART, which allows students to teach and mentor elementary girls on campus.

“It’s a great real-world experience for being a teacher,” Mackenzie said.

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