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Find Your Passion – In and Outside the Classroom

Select from more than 20 activities and organizations on campus – or create your own

Our goal is to help students tap into their creative expression and personal growth. Our joy is in seeing our students discover a hidden passion or talent that enhances their lives and careers. We’re excited to see how our activities and clubs are enhanced by YOUR contributions! Check out all the groups now:


The Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Organization strives to promote the educational, professional, political, and social needs and goals of the Asian/Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community; as well as provide an overall awareness of the biases the AAPI community faces.

Animals, Plants, & Nature (APN)

This organization brings together students of all backgrounds and undergraduate majors that have an interest in fish & wildlife, flowers, plants, & trees, or simply nature and the Great Outdoors.  APN allows all CSM students to experience the wonders of nature by participating in meetings, activities, guest speakers, fieldtrips, and more, up close and in ways they never imagined!

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB is an organization that centers around engaging and involving students on the campus. This board helps to plan events and activities on-campus and off-campus. CAB aims to involve both students living on-campus and off-campus.


The CSM Physician Assistant Student Society is a newly formed society for students to pursue integrity, equality, dignity, and competence for a physician assistant (PA) as a health practitioner.

Do Unto Others (DUO)

CSM Do Unto Others is a student-led branch under Campus Ministry centered around service and spreading the CSM mission. DUO provides opportunities ranging from soup kitchens to food banks to one-on-one experiences that promote solidarity among our members and the community.

Green Team

Green Team focuses primarily on inducting sustainable practices on a campus-wide scale. This eco-friendly group fundraises for these projects and raises awareness about different environmental issues and practices by hosting events for students.


The Honorable African/African-American Leadership Organization promotes the educational, professional, political, & social needs and goals of African and African-American communities, empowering minority students to actualize their potential. To do this, H.A.A.L.O. organizes events on campus.

Knitting Club

CSM Knitting Club has been started up by a student who enjoys knitting with her friends. Bridging the gap between different generations, this club plans to donate their hats & scarves to hospitals, nursing homes, & shelters in their future. If you want to learn how to knit and crochet, this is the club for you.

Latinas Empowering Others (LEO)

LEO’s purpose is to empower others—especially Latinas. We want our CSM Latinas to feel that they have a support system. LEO’s main purpose is to educate others about the Latino culture and to provide outside community service in hopes of making a difference in our community.


The Multicultural and International Student Club includes all ethnicities, countries of origin, and cultural identities, creating safe spaces for students to learn the needs of each culture. M.I.S.C. plans to engage in open discourse and to raise awareness of the many opportunities for students of any culture.

Pre-Physician Assistant Organization

P-PAO welcomes any student who is interested in pursuing or learning about a career as a physician assistant (PA). Focusing on the application process to PA schools and providing resources to students, this organization is to offer an open community for all students sharing the same goal.

Rainbow Alliance

This organization is welcomed to campus in hopes of increasing the opportunities and visibility of the LGBTQI+ community at CSM. Rainbow Alliance aspires to teach CSM of the LGBTQI+ community and to promote their educational, professional, political, & social needs.

Residence Hall Council (RHC)

RHC is a student-led organization whose purpose is to provide communication, education, leadership, development, and community growth opportunities for students in the residence hall system. This organization has the responsibility to sponsor programs and activities in the halls.


Student Education Association of Nebraska’s main focus is to further the understanding of education as a profession, providing a united student voice in matters affecting the position and advancing the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in the field of education.

STEMinists Club

Calling all curious minds and aspiring scientists! If you’re ready to explore the fascinating realms of math and science, the STEMinists Club is your ticket to a world of endless possibilities. This club strives to serve its members by finding outreach programs, hosting informative sessions about various career paths, and discovering math- or science-related opportunities.

Spanish Club

Students with any level of Spanish proficiency are welcome to join the CSM Spanish community. This club provides opportunities to interact with peers, to engage in fun activities, and to serve the community—all to enhance a student’s overall college experience.


Sparks is dedicated to cheering on all Flames athletic teams, connecting the student body with the athletes in our CSM community. Started by a group of students who want to improve the student section attendance, this organization creates signs to support the CSM athletes.

Students for Justice

The mission of Students for Justice is to discuss issues of concern in our community. This organization promotes civic and political activities on campus and helps to develop support systems for women running for political office.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

SNA is a pre-professional organization for nursing students, fostering the personal and professional development of nursing.

Student Occupational Therapy Association

CSM’s SOTA is focused on building a community for occupational therapy students while supporting the profession through philanthropy, advocacy, promotion, and service.

Student Paralegal Association

This organization invites and welcomes speakers to discuss topics that engage students, staff, & faculty in critical thought. In addition, the Student Paralegal Association hosts campus activities and volunteers in the Omaha community at least once a semester.

Student Psychology Club

The Student Psychology Club is an organization for all CSM undergraduate students interested in the field of psychology. The purpose of the organization is to provide students with knowledge of the field, resources, chances to interact with people of similar interests, and opportunities to serve the community.

Student Senate

The purpose of Student Senate is to create, promote, and encourage a sense of cooperation between students, faculty, and administration, becoming the CSM student voice on college-wide committees and task forces. This organization provides an opportunity for continuing development of responsible leadership. 


The Student Sports and Exercise Science Organization originated in the Kinesiology department, promoting fitness to students and advocating for a healthy lifestyle. Open to any student, SSESO strives to assist the CSM students in becoming happy and in tip-top condition.

Women in Business (FBLA Collegiate)

This organization is a Professional Sorority that focuses on teaching business and professional skills in hopes of building success for post-graduate students and setting up study groups and internship opportunities for students studying Business.