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Find Your Passion – In and Outside the Classroom

Select from more than 20 activities and organizations on campus – or create your own

Our goal is to help students tap into their creative expression and personal growth. Our joy is in seeing our students discover a hidden passion or talent that enhances their lives and careers. We’re excited to see how our activities and clubs are enhanced by YOUR contributions! Check out all the groups now:


Green Team

Our organization focuses primarily on inducting sustainable practices on a campus-wide scale. We will secondarily focus on fundraising for these projects and raising awareness about different environmental issues and practices. We will hold events for students, offer volunteer opportunities and plan some off-campus trips, all centered around environmental topics. We will also be focusing on involving community members of the greater Omaha area.


Math & Science Club

The Math and Science Club is a club committed to raising awareness at CSM towards any math and science field. The club strives to serve club members through finding outreach programs, having activities which serve to inform members about various career paths, and by finding science or math related volunteering opportunities that can help the community.

Student Education Association of Nebraska (SEAN)

Student Education Association of Nebraska works to further the understanding of education as a profession, providing a united student voice in matters affecting the position and advancing the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in education. 

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

SNA is a pre-professional organization for nursing students that fosters the personal and professional development of nursing.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The CSM Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) is focused on building a community for occupational therapy students while supporting the profession through philanthropy, advocacy, promotion, and service.

Student Paralegal Association

This organization is for paralegal students or students interested in the law. We have speakers come in and discuss topics with us as well as feature campus activities, t-shirts, and a volunteer activity at least once a semester.

Student Psychology Club

The Student Psychology Club is a student organization for all CSM undergraduate students interested in the field of psychology. The purpose of the organization is to provide students with: 1) knowledge of the field, 2) resources (e.g., information and connections for graduate school and careers), 3) opportunities to interact with people with similar interests, and 4) opportunities to serve the community.


Do Unto Others (DUO)

CSM Do Unto Others is a student led branch under Campus Ministry focused on service and spreading the CSM mission. We dedicate one Saturday or Sunday a month to service, where students, faculty, and staff can get involved. These opportunities range from soup kitchens, to food banks, to one-on-one experiences that promote solidarity among our members and the community. We also host special awareness weeks.

Golden “S”

Students work with the retired Sisters of Mercy who live at Mercy Villa. They have a monthly event there – usually focused on a craft for a holiday or just visiting with them and playing board games.

Special Interest

Honorable African/African-American Leadership Organization (HAALO)

Promotes the educational, professional, political, social needs and goals of African and African-American communities, and empower minority students to actualize their potential. H.A.A.L.O. organizes events on campus and in the community.

Latinas Empowering Others

This organizations purpose is to Empower Others but especially Latinas. We want our CSM Latinas to feel that they have a support system, especially for the new incoming students. Our main purpose is to educate others about the Latino culture, as well as provide outside community service to make a difference in our community. Furthermore, we work to promote CSM's commitment to learn, respect, and appreciate all diversity.

Spanish Club

Students with any level of Spanish proficiency are welcome to join this community of Spanish-speaking students at College of Saint Mary as well as take advantage of opportunities to interact, have fun, enhance their overall college experience, and serve the community.

Students for Justice

The purpose and mission of Students for Justice is to discuss issues of concern in our community and to organize civic and political engagement on issues of concern. Students for Justice promotes civic and political activities on campus and helps to develop support systems for women running for political office. They also promote CSM's commitment to learn, respect, and appreciate all diversity.

Sports and Exercise Science Student Organization (SESSO)

SESSO promotes fitness to students and advocates for a healthy lifestyle. Open to any student, this organization strives to make the students on the College of Saint Mary campus happy and healthy.

Student Government, Activities Planning

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board is an organization that centers around engaging and involving students on the campus. This board helps to plan events and activities on campus and off campus. The events range from educational to entertaining but all are fun and interactive! We aim to involve both students living on campus and off campus!

Residence Hall Council (RHC)

Residence Hall Council is a student-run organization whose purpose is to provide communication, education, leadership, development, and community growth opportunities for students in the residence hall system. RHC has the responsibility to sponsor programs and activities for all residents on campus and assist student policy change transitions within the residence halls as determined by the administration of CSM.

Student Senate

The purpose of Student Senate is to create, promote, and encourage a sense of cooperation between students, faculty, and administration. It works to create a sense of responsibility for student duties and obligations, as well as for student rights and privileges. The group also provides an opportunity for continuing development of responsible leadership and is the CSM student voice on college-wide committees and task forces.