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Meet the Flames Coaches & Athletic Administration

Peter Haze Haring
Athletic Director
pharing [at]
Jamie Adams
Assistant Athletic Director
jadams [at]
Carolyn Todd Bray
Sports Information Director
Head Softball Coach
cbray [at]
Michelle Pope
Administrative Assistant Athletic Department
mpope [at]
Kristine Leick
Athletic Trainer
kleick [at]
Kirk Walker
Head Basketball Coach
kwalker [at]
Derek Fey
Head Cross Country Coach and Track & Field
dfey [at]
April Allen
Competitive Dance Head Coach
aallen [at]
Keri Rodriguez
Head Golf Coach
krodriguez [at]
Jordan Irsik
Head Soccer Coach
jirsik [at]
Kim Gradoville
Head Tennis Coach
kgrdoville [at]
Rick Pruett
Head Volleyball Coach
rpruett [at]
Nick McIntee
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kim Ferris
Head Bowling Coach
kferris [at]
Terri Hermes
Head Swimming Coach
thermes [at]