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Counseling Services

Your college experience can be a new and exciting adventure, but it can also be challenging and sometimes a very stressful time in your life. College of Saint Mary is committed to the success of each student and is here to help you make informed decisions that will enhance and improve your quality of life. Counseling Services are available on and off campus to help students address their mental health and mental wellness needs. They’re also available for everyday concerns that often arise during this transitional time, such as stress, anxiety, homesickness.

CONFIDENTIALITY: College of Saint Mary ensures that counseling services are in compliance with the ethical standards put in place by the American Counseling Association. Seeking counsel will not jeopardize an individual’s academic standing or relationship with the faculty and staff. Confidentiality is an important element of the therapeutic process.

If you are unsure of what you are experiencing and would like to seek validation of your symptoms, click here for free confidential screening.  

To make an appointment, please email Andrea Joyce at AJoyce [at] or call 402-399-2374.

In addition to on-campus counseling services, students also have the option of the Counseling Assistance Program (CAP) program at CHI. Click for more information or call 402-398-5566.