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The Forensic Science Minor

The Forensic Science Minor is an opportunity for students to gain skills that will expand the skills learned during their major and set them apart from others when moving into their career field. The minor covers a wide range of topics that include (but are not limited to): the history of forensic science, evidence collection, forensic nursing, and critical issues in forensic science. The classes are a combination of lecture, discussion, lab research, and fieldwork.

To earn a minor in forensic science, you must successfully complete at least 18 credits in the following classes:

  • BIO 200/201 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I) or higher anatomy class
  • CHM 100 or higher chemistry class
  • BIO 265 (Forensic Science)
  • BIO 465 (Advanced Forensic Science)
  • At least 3 credits from one of the following: BIO 266/267 (Botany), BIO 250 (Zoology), Entomology, PSY 344 (Forensic Psychology), or research project/workshop (with Director approval)