Attention to Mind, Body and Spirit

College of Saint Mary is pleased to help those in our campus community access the services they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

When you’re feeling ill…

Through our relationship with Alegent Creighton Occupational Health Services at nearby Bergan Mercy Hospital, you can make an appointment to see a health professional when you’re feeling ill.

When you need help balancing it all…

It’s not unusual — especially for college students — to get a bit stressed while balancing academic and personal demands on time and energy. College of Saint Mary’s partnership with Alegent Creighton Health’s Counseling Assistance Program (CAP) provides FREE, confidential counseling services to full-time students. Sometimes it really helps to have an objective professional to talk to. 

Stay well

One of our most helpful programs is working with you to build — and stay on track with — a personalized wellness program. We’ve got some amazing success stories to share with you when you visit our wellness coordinator in the Lied Fitness Center. You can access wellness classes and events and participate in intramural sports if that’s a way you like to be active.

Flames Unwind

Discover a new way to enjoy a pick-up sport with no obligation to form a team, join a team or commit to a schedule. Sundays at 8 p.m. for all College of Saint Mary students!

Bottom line: Your health and wellness mean the world to us. Let us help you keep it all in check!