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Find Your Passion – In and Outside the Classroom

Select from more than 20 activities and organizations on campus – or create your own

Students Against Violence…Drama Club…Student Occupational Therapy Association…These are just a few of the 20+ activities and organizations you can be involved in at College of Saint Mary.

Our goal is to help you tap into your creative expression and personal growth. Our joy is in seeing our students discover a hidden passion or talent that enhances their lives and careers.

We’re excited to see how our activities and clubs are enhanced by your contributions!

Check out all the groups now. Don’t see something you’re passionate about? Form a new group!

Fine Arts

CSM Singers
You must audition to join this select group that has performed in Italy and Ireland and across Nebraska and the U.S., including two performances at Carnegie Hall.

CSM Chorus
Sing with us! Our large choral ensemble is open to all students who wish to participate. The group sometimes tours nationally and internationally.

Drama Club
Get involved in the theater, including production of shows. As a club member you will share the richness of theater with the community.

Speech Team
Join the College of Saint Mary speech team! The team's goal is to build a successful tradition of excellence in public speaking and to produce confident, clear, ethical and accomplished speakers. The team competes in several tournaments each semester. You will earn one credit hour each semester and a financial award each year you participate as well!


Green Team
Increasing awareness of environmental issues has never been more important. As a member, you’ll participate and create new volunteer opportunities for sustainability around the community.


Math & Science Club
Your opportunity to expand math and science appreciation on campus, as well as provide networking and job shadowing opportunities for students.

Pi Theta Epsilon

An academic honor society that recognizes and encourages scholastic excellence of occupational therapy students and is designed to contribute to the advancement of the field of occupational therapy through scholarly activities of student and alumni members. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for students enrolled in accredited programs in occupational therapy to exchange information and to collaborate regarding scholarly activities.

Student Education Association of Nebraska (SEAN)

Further the understanding of education as a profession, providing a united student voice in matters affecting the position and advancing the interests and welfare of students preparing for careers in education. 

Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Assumes responsibility for contributing to nursing education to provide the highest quality health care, provides programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns, and aids in the development of the whole person in her professional role.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
Provides interaction and union for all students in the Occupational Therapy Program and instills further education in students dedicated to this profession.

Student Paralegal Association
Creates an awareness of responsibility toward student duties and obligations, specifically those of the Paralegal or Pre-Law profession. The club sponsors activities that are open to all who seek to grow intellectually, socially and professionally.

Student Psychology Club

Student Psychology Club is a student organization for all College of Saint Mary undergraduates interested in the field of psychology. The purpose of the organization is to provide students with: knowledge of the field, resources (e.g., information & connections for graduate school and careers), opportunities to interact with people with similar interests and opportunities to serve the community.


CSM Students for Life
The group develops and promotes a collective sense of responsibility for all human life and serves to educate and advise the public on subjects affecting the dignity of life.

Do Unto Others (DUO)
Provides volunteer opportunities for students, faculty and staff. Plan and participate in service projects and raise funds for partner organizations, such as Mercy Beyond Borders.

Golden “S”
You can interact with and help show appreciation for the Sisters of Mercy who are retired and living at Mercy Villa. Among other activities, you’ll volunteer to help with holiday events and special occasions.

Liturgical Ministries
All students are invited to sing with the choir during weekday and Sunday Masses. Catholic students may participate in Mass as altar servers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion or lectors. Training is provided for all liturgical ministries through Campus Ministry.

Students Against Violence (SAV)
Host awareness and educational events about domestic violence, sexual assault, and other instances of violence.  Network with community members to increase interest in women’s health as a career field.

Special Interest

Promote the educational, professional, political and social needs and goals of African and African-American communities. E.B.O.N.I. organizes events on campus and in the community.

Open to all single mothers on and off campus, our goal is to provide a supportive network to all. We foster self-advocacy and independence as women, mothers, students and citizens.

Multicultural Association of Students (MAS)
Devoted to the diversity of our campus, we welcome students from every background to celebrate their heritage and provide awareness programming on campus.

Spanish Club

Students with any level of Spanish proficiency are welcome to join this community of Spanish-speaking students at College of Saint Mary, and take advantage of opportunities to interact, have fun, enhance their overall college experience and serve the community.

Student Government, Activities Planning

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
Here’s your chance to provide leadership by brainstorming, planning and implementing events for the student body. Great opportunity to think outside the box and add to student life!

Residence Hall Council (RHC)
Have a leadership role in planning events and improving the quality of life of fellow students who live in the residence halls.

Student Senate
Comprises 13 members elected by students. The Senate is the voice for the students throughout the campus.