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Learn What It Takes to Lead

Gain opportunities to apply what you learn

Leadership is learned. At College of Saint Mary, you are encouraged to bring your best skills and experiences and apply them to what you’ll learn about leading groups, teams and organizations. Best yet, while you’re learning you will have many opportunities to apply what you learn in the real world. From organizations and activities to internships and mentoring, our goal is to help you unearth your highest potential as powerful, successful leader.

Leadership Launch is A Great Way to Get Involved!

Now entering its 14th year, Leadership Launch fosters leadership of newer members within student organizations and emerging first and second-year leaders in the College of Saint Mary community. Graduates of this program have led or started student organizations on campus, and they have held leadership roles such as being Resident Advisors (RAs).

How To Apply for Leadership Launch

Start by attending a Leadership Launch Orientation Session on October 13 or 16.

You may apply for entry to the Leadership Launch program in November each year. You must be nominated by a College of Saint Mary faculty or staff member and also meet the following criteria:

  • Display a determination to be a leader on campus or in career and life. 

  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA or have been admitted in good standing to College of Saint Mary. 

  • Be a first or second-year student. 

  • Be available to attend bi-weekly sessions January through March.

Step It Up: For Upper Class Students

Juniors and Seniors have the unique opportunity to attend a series of five workshops during the spring semester on topics that help you prepare to go out into the world. Just 45-minutes long, each session is packed with helpful information on a range of topics. 

The Spring 2015 program will include the following presentations:

Step It Up - Generations at Work
Step It Up - What is Your Vocation?: Values and Your Career Path
Step It Up - Effective Communication:  It’s More Than Just Words
Step It Up - “Mind Your Manners! It’s All About Etiquette”
Step It Up - Conflict:  It’s Inevitable and Can Be Productive