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Honor Roll of Donors 2016-2017

You play a critical role in the fulfillment of the College of Saint Mary’s mission of educating women, calling forth potential, and fostering leadership. As a community of faith and an institution of higher education, College of Saint Mary can have a tremendous impact on the whole of a student’s life. We, however, could do nothing without your commitment to this mission. Thank you for your partnership.

The following Honor Roll of Donors is a testament to your generosity. We offer our sincerest gratitude for your vital role and vow to be good stewards of the resources you invest with us.

All names and amounts reflect gifts given in the fiscal year running July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017.

Leadership Circle 2016-2017

College of Saint Mary’s Leadership Circle is an annual giving society that provides critical support to students through gifts of $1,000 or more. For a look at the print version of this listing, check out the online Leadership Circle flipbook.

Visionary ($100,000+)

The Buffett Early Childhood Fund
CHI Health
Rose (Anderson) Clough '56  †
Robert B. Daugherty Foundation
Dr. Melissa Kean, J.D. and Steven Kean J.D.

  The Lozier Foundation
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community, Inc.
Annette and Paul Smith
The Sunderland Foundation
Weitz Family Foundation


Transformational ($25,000-$99,999)

Armstrong McDonald Foundation
Mary Ann (Eischen) '72 and Wayne Ballantyne
Catholic Mutual Group
First National Bank
Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
The Hawks Foundation
Barbi Hayes '89 and Dr. Tom Bragg
The Holland Foundation
Fran and Rich Juro

  Dianne and Allan Lozier
Deborah Macdonald, J.D.
Kathy Simon
Mary Ann (Hostettler) '63 and Fred Strider, M.D.
Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation
Sue Weiler-Doke '85 and Jeff Doke
Doug and Elaine Wilwerding
Margaret (Tai) '73 and Wilson Wong
Dr. Claude and Darlene Wynn


Strategic ($5,000-$24,999)

Nancy (Lander) Abboud '61
American National Bank
Cathy (Reardon) '61 and Michael Carr
Jerrie (Havelka) '91 † and Dennis Cippera
Cooper Foundation
Pat and Mary Corrigan
Bill and Susan Cutler
Kathleen C. and N.P. (Sandy) Dodge, Jr.
William A. and Barbara Fitzgerald
Edith Gallagher '60
Sue (Liebentritt) '70 and Martin Garcia, M.D.
Kathleen Kersey '86
Steve Martin and Dr. Amy Haddad
Nancy and Mike McCarthy
Lloyd and Charlene Meyer

  Bryan, J.D. and Kelly Mick
Audrey (Gruntorad) Milfs '67
Omaha Community Foundation
Claire Oswald
Rita (Sipes) '74 and Bryce Pearsall
Barbara Person and Scott Burger
Peg (Hoffman) Petersen '68
John T. and Lynda Reed
Steve and Cindy Ritzman
Robinson Charitable Trust
Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community, Inc.
Dr. Maryanne Stevens, RSM
Ken and Ann Stinson
Dr. Britt and Kelly Thedinger
Amy and Paul Wenninghoff
Dr. Gail Walling Yanney and Michael Yanney


Inspirational ($1,000-$4,999)

Victoria (Hutchison) M'15 and Chris Hoskovec
Dr. Anne Hubbard
Jane Huerter and Dick Jeffries
Ideal Images
Rick, J.D. and Leslie Jeffries
Drs. Susan and Dennis Joslin
Bill  Kernen
Dr. Tara Knudson Carl and Kelly Carl
Brad and Amy Knuth
Carol and John Bertoni
Marcia and Robert Koory
Sue (Olson) '87 and Mike Kopfle
Wende and John Kotouc
Dr. Sarah and Richard Kottich
David and Beth Kramer
Jennifer and Chad Kuchta
Pat and Louis Lamberty
Langhorst Trust
Patricia (Colchin) '52 and Robert Lavey
Les and Phyllis Lawless
M. Patricia (Oppold) Leuschen '65
Archbishop George Lucas
Patty Maggio
Dr. William and Teresa Mangan
Yvonne (Schlautman) '63 and Fred McGarry
McGill Gotsdiner Workman, et. al.
Ruth (Aubuchon) '68 and David McLaughlin
Dr. Sheila Megley, RSM
Mid-America Arts Alliance

  Kay (Hartz) '67 and Douglas L. Munter
Marie Murphy
Kathy (Meisner) '00 M'02 and Nick Nickel
Eileen O'Brien '66
Stephanie O'Keefe
William and Mary Parker
Mary (Schlickbernd) '72 and William J. Partusch '89
Pauline (Selenke) '65 and Terry Pesek
Drs. Christine and Steven Pharr
Marie (Phelan) '64 and John M. Powell
Diane (Langel) '72 and Larry Proulx
Dr. Jennifer and Ken Reed-Bouley
Dr. Gerald and Mary Ries
Linda (Gralheer) '69 and Patrick Rogers, J.D.
Rotary Club of Omaha
Sr. Jeanine Salak, RSM '58
Judy Seeman '99
Stephanie (Trouba) '87 and Michael Sharp
Dr. Mary Kay (Gubbels) '98 M'09 and Dennis Smid
Marian Standeven
State Farm Company Foundation
Dr. Melissa (Bell) '92 and Michael Thompson
Joseph Todd
Katherine (Scholl) Troia '46
Mary Kay Vrba '73
Dr. T.  Waldmann-Williams '74 and Merrill Williams
Anne Weaver
Weitz Company, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Robert and Eleanor Whitaker
Whitmore Charitable Trust
Judy (Nyquist) '75 and Gale Wickersham
Women`s Fund of Greater Omaha


For a complete list of all those who supported College of Saint Mary students, please take a look at the Friends of College of Saint Mary 2016-17 listing.