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Friends of College of Saint Mary 2018-2019

Your gifts mean the world to College of Saint Mary students. Thank you!


Gifts of $500-$999

The Bill Kernen Family
Jane Alseth
Nate and Nicole Neufind
Kirk Walker
Luci (Hemmer) '72 and John Catalano 
Mary Jo Havlicek '54
Gloria (Osborn) '67 and Ethan Jacobson
Kari (Brannen) '97 and Dan Kinsella
Robyn Kniffen
Lois (Schlickbernd) '72 and Michael McCarty
Cypress Risk Management LLC
Project Advocates LLC 
MCL Construction
TF Metals Report
Margaret Pieper '46
Malinda Shobe '75 
Mary Pat (Kenkel) '59 and Walter Sweetman
DLR Group
Sr. Katherine Heffernan BVM '43
Johanna (Huyck) '91 and Paul Sinnett
Lisa (Otten) '76 and C. Robert Vote
CSG Systems Inc.
LMJ Foundation Inc.
Elizabeth (Finn) '65 and Robert Burd
Lynne (Torkildson) '67 and William Byrne
Roderick '86 and Barbera Chaumont


Patty Dendiger and John Ryan
Bernadette (Kosuth) '62 and Henry Drueke
Jean (Stukel) '63 and Ronald Drummond
Janet (Jurgensen) '82 and Frank Duba
Charlene (Stanard) '75 and Steven Dunbar
Ronald and Christine Golka
Mary (Tajchman) Gurney '77 
Sheila (Griep) '74 and Paul Haggas
Jane Kaup '64
Sue Quade Kaye '63
Patricia (McElroy) Knock '64
Arlyss (Peter) '72 and Bob Lasecki
Timothy Lawrence
Marilyn (Tomek) '61 and Earl Lindquist
Dr. Barbara Marchese '76
EOG Resources
Mutual of Omaha Bank
Mrs. Donald Ortman
Helen (Peabody) Ramos '53
Mary Clare (Proskocil) '62 and Paul Stalp 
Mulhall's Nursery 
The Boeing Company
Drs. Susan and Dennis Joslin 
Margie (Torrence) '65 and James Dahlstrom


Gifts of $250-$499

Dr. Karen Dittmer-McMahon '94 and Thomas McMahon
Cynthia (Doan) '75 and Robert Miller
Taryn Stark
Connie (Divis) '86 and Steven Tippery 
Mary Corboy '63
Carol (Roh) '57 and Clinton Dorwart
Dr. Vicky Morgan
Patricia (Linstrom) '63 and Lawrence Rudolph
Mitzi (Moore) '96 and Robert Willis
Karen (Romano) '93 and Jim Granger
Paula Sue (Blecha) '84 and Ben Steffen
Margery (Pruss) '75 and David Fienhold
Carla Gerriets
Mary (Jackson) '69 and Ronald Reeb
Pamela (Henn) '70 and Robert Sondag
Cecil Bykerk
Kimberly Colpitts '83
Sybil (Yutesler) Finken '72 
Mary (O'Brien) '68 and Lester Goldstein
Wendy (Woita) '70 and James Groene
Theresa (Hall) '76 and David Howe
Mike Kaminski
Sofia (Grochala) '71 and Frank Kock 
Colette Kroeten
Pat and Louis Lamberty 
Doris (Robinson) '68 and Stephen Lubman
Midwest Fiber Art Alliance
Henrietta (Meister) '62 and Ike Pane
Barbara Person and Scott Burger
Dr. Mark Sand
Jean (Hillman) '74 and Allen Scharfenkamp


Dr. Narcissus Shambare
Josephine Valasek '47 (needs cross added)
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Michelle Wessel '97
Keri and Joaquin Rodriguez
Dr. Amy Rief-Elks '98 and Matt Elks
Lizzy and Doug Gilbert
Vickie (Thomas) '02 '04 M'07 and Paul Wrobleski
Lynn (Kocina) '69 and William Birkby
Martha (Golden) Dell '55
Janet (Klitz) '75 and Gary DooleyCarolyn (Greer) '68 and Gerald Droszcz
Beverly (Sigler) '66 and Martin Fletcher
Catherine (Hiber) '71 and Michael Greteman
Carol (Sommer) Hipp '68
Dr. Pam Humphrey
Sheila Kurtz-Robinson '74 and Greg Robinson
Cheryl (Sorensen) '96 and Lonnie Lentsch
Sharon '00 and Jerry Lind
Mary (Leistner) Lopez '07
Maureen McGrath '61
Peggy (Hawn) '77 and Dr. James Miner
Jessica and Dennis Pate
Katty Petak
Carol (O'Brien) '69 and John Pichler
Kimberly and John Savicky
Rita (Herek) '57 and James Shiffer
Joan (Fischer) '71 and Verl Squire 
Trudy (Jambor) '71 and Richard Stodola 
Jean (Kenny) '50 and James Targy
Melissa Tiemann
Amber and Scott Vesely
Dr. T.  Waldmann-Williams '74 and Merrill Williams
Cheryl Welding '69
Dr. Claudia (Richardson) '00 D'15 and Cody Wickman


Gifts of $100-$249

State Farm
Karen Musgjerd
Dan Spargen
Judith (Knoll) '67 and Ralph Archung
Gizelle and Aswin Chandran
Margaret (Hoagland) '71 and David Benes  
Steve Brewer
Andrea (Duren) '94 and Jeff Carlson 
Diana (Ramsey) '76 and Richard Cupich
Rita (Humpal) '58 and Daniel Dolan
Tammie (Donohoe) '06 and Cdr. Edward Donohoe
Mary Fehring '66
David Filipi
Roger Gunderson '05
Catherine Hanisits '74 
Fran (Sauter) Hertz '64 
Mike Hetherington
Candy (Hill) '69 and Walter Turay
Nancy Hornstein
Jeanette (Harper) '61 and Daniel Johnston
Jeanette (Kramer) '71 and Lawrence Kenny
Sandra Kersey '69
Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church
Dr. Dunesh Kumari
Linda (Spaulding) '66 and Jim Leary 
Louise Lucas
Gretchen Mack '72
Bonnie (Pollock) '68 and Jimmie Martin
Gertrude McMahon '58
Sally (Curran) '69 and Darrell Mobley
Jean (St. Martin) '62 and Donald Neumeier
Jane O'Rourke '69 
Daniel and Carolina Padilla
Michelle Perone
LeRoy Peters
Wayne and Susan Peterson
Mary Root
Erin Sample
Kathleen Scheid
Mary (Huettner) '86 and Bill Schlueter
Susan (Staebell) '61 and Thomas Sheeren
Mary Shirley-Weber '70 and Ronald Weber
Kevin Sholl
Cindy (Bonta) '77 and J. Christop Sill
Genevieve (Ebel) '67 and Bill Smejkal 
Sharon Tegeder
Maureen Vesely '76
Theresa (Connealy) '80 and John Wiggs 
Caring Catholic Families Deborah L. Sheehan
Ronald and Tammy Morris
Kyle and Julie Nelson
Leo A. Daly 
Access Bank
Egan Supply Co. 
Komp Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic PC
Athletic Training Center  
Nemaha Landscape Construction
Dr. Karla and Terry Bergen
Christina Rzepczyk '69
Susan Wagoner
Dr. Jing Chang
Sara Williams
Vanguard Group Foundation
Angela Thompson
Debra Bylund '78
LaDonna  Ahlers '62
Kathleen (Erdei) Bassett '69 
Mary Davis
Marie-Emmanuella Ehoussou '19
Barbara (Sigler) '64 and Merle Frommelt
Sandra (Christensen) '90 and Jerry Grove
Rose Anna Henning '83
Dr. Phyllis Higley
Judy (Anderson) Hoscheid '67
Sharon (Shuster) '66 and Grant Hrabovsky
Linda (Kacyo) '70 and Robert Kaup
Dr. Amy Knox Brown
Mirriam (Nemec) '61 and Harvey Koepf
Mary '66 and Andrew Krajewski
Maj. Robert '87 and Barbara Lilianstrom
Benita (Tworek) '87 and Daniel McVicker
Lincoln Financial Group
Patricia (Brady) '53 and Patrick O'Kane
Dr. Aline Paris RSM
Kelly Petry
Raquel Reiter '74
Bridgette and Len Renbarger
Kathleen (Coffey) '98 and George Royce
Rana Scarlett-Johnson, J.D. '91
Jamie Sechrest
Toni (Kelly) '07 and Rick Smeal
Amy (Hefti) '91 and Douglas Sokol 
Leanna Tomjack '72
Michael and Gayle Goetz
Patricia Saavedra '10
Michel (Leonard) '65 and Dr. Joseph Caniglia
Jamie Adams
Mary (Gronstal) '73 and Barry Bruner
Britiany and Tim Casey
Sandra M'09 and Thomas Dasenbrock
Mary (Palcich) Dent '64
Mary (Danahy) '65 and Robert Ellis
Mary Lee (Schwietz) Ranheim '09
Marcia (Shadle) '76 and Larry Cusic
Rita (Lenz) '71 and Don Van Deursen
Patricia (Scharf) '61 and William Weedman
Mindy (Drews) '04 '05 and Jacob Barna
Ron Kmiecik
Donald Loudner
Julie Matheny
Dr. Kristi Preisman
Maureen (Wiese) '57 and Kenneth Schorn
Carole Woods-Harris '90
Jenifer Brown '95 
Vernetta Boston-Kosalka '03 M'07 and Michael Kosalka
Barbara (White) '59 and Thomas Colchin
Barbara (White) '59 and Thomas Colchin
Brenda (Wiechman) '89 and Mark Hasenjager 
Myrtle (McGuire) '59 and John Quinn
Margaret (Vercoe) Shoemaker '65 '91 M'93
Mary (Bullard) '07 '09 M'10 and Robert Byrnes
Josie and Mike Abboud
Arlene  Adelson '11
Peggy  Alexander '75
Patricia (Hoesing) Allison '72 
Kimberly (Jenkins) '91 and Kennard Baker
Kaye (Mainelli) '72 and Hon. Peter Bataillon
Bette-B Bauer
Verona (Tramp) Bedrous '74
Lavonne (Kuzelka) '68 and Larry Behne
Joan (Staskiewicz) Belitz '60
Mary Ann (O'Malley) '70 and Jim Black
Steven and Carol Bloch
Linda (Schindler) Broghammer '69 
Linda (Wagner) Bunger '83
Margaret Campbell '66
Joan (Philips) '69 and James Chambers
Tamara (Webb) '91 and Matthew Chance
Rosemarie (Kiss) Christensen '16
Diann (Masur) '62 and Robert Clay
Marcy Closner
Linda (Johnston) Cobb '92
Jerome and Sylvia Cohn



Shirley (Seewald) '60 and Luke Coniglio
Rose Crowley
Cheryl (O'Grady) '72 and Bob Czapp
Patricia (McCarthy) '64 and Barney Deden
Julie (Schwery) '97 and Steven Determan
Carla Dirschneider '03
Melissa (Potter) '98, '01 and Jeff Eckel
Betty Egan J.D. '73
Christine (Swanson) '74 and David Ehrhart
Mary (Fields) '67 and Jim Eiler
Adrienne Elliott
Hayley Ellis
Judy (Pinger) '68 and Joe Engelbert
Mary Esser '71
Elouise (Gaillard) '78, '87 and Clarence Ewing
Gene and Marti Feit
Dr. Melanie Felton
Jane (Pinto) '67 and Vinny Ferris
Jean (Muhlbauer) '75 and Ronald Feuerbach
Deborah (Peitzmeier) Fontenot '00, M'06  
Susan (Willms) Frost '69
Sue (Wismer) Gabriel D'08
Dr. Jaime Garafalo-Peterson '03
John and Pam Gaspers
Roi Anne Gearhart '70
Kathy Grandsaert
Dr. Jennifer Grove
Nancy (Willnerd) Gruver '73
Theresa (Clements) '88 and Richard Guinan
Dr. Kristin Haas
Shannon (Brown) Hansen D'10
Marcia (Brzon) '89 and Leland Harmon
Shirley Ruth (Flaugher) '94 and Phillip Harris
Cheryl (Linke) '96 and Joe Hazel
Linda Heidemann '89
Audrey Ann (Prendergast) '72 and Don Herbers
David Hershiser
Jessica Hochstein
Heather (Boydstum) Holeton '09, '10
Kenneth Holland
Ellen Holsten '81
Dr. Rebecca Hoss
Joseph Huettner
Maria Jacobsen
Kathryn (Fitzekam) Jancik '60
Sheryn Joffee
Katherine (Laux) Kaiser '75
Mary Ann (Gossman) '73 and Larry Keck
Dorothy (Janousek) Kenehan '57 
Rose Marie (Battaglia) '67 and Joseph King
Mary Klinge '69
Sarah Klocke
Colleen Kocsis
Barbara Koziatek '06
Betty (Starostka) '68 and Donald Kropatsch
Theresa (Reichmuth) Kumpf '59 
Bethanne (Shoemaker) '99 and Adam Kunz
Teresa (Donaghy) '65 and Daryl Lavender
Marilyn (Rudloff) '65 and Robert Leslie
Dr. Lois Linden D'08
Mary (O'Brien) '64 and Robert MaCoy
Shawn Magrum
Marilyn Marsh
Dr. Kristin Mattson
Sandra (Dostal) '77 and Michael McCarthy
Janet (Wolf) '87 and Paul McCartney
Lynn McCormack
Mary (Iwasyszyn) '61 and Albert McElroy
Mavis (Lalley) '55 and James Francis Jr.
Dr. Shannon and Marc McMahon
Delores (Prinz) '57 and Melvin Meister
Sharon Melchior
Carol (Echtenkamp) '01 and Steven Merritt
Faith '93 and Daniel Meurrens
Margaret (Klassen) '66
Patricia (Malloy) Moen '74
Irene (Schwager) '07 and Kenneth Musil
Dr. Ganesh Naik
Jeannine (Beeghly) '74 and Dennis Nauss
Ashley Nelson '19
Jean (Oberreuter) '61 and Charles Neuroth 
Sharon (Baumert) '64 and Chris Nielsen
Sara Nordquist-Davis
United Health Group
Lorraine (O'Leary) '53 and Bill Pritchard
Charlene (Chocholouse) '60 and Theodore Ondracek
Dr. Brianna Parkhill
Drs. Christine and Steven Pharr
Michelle (Leonard) '87 and Richard Porter
Rick Pruett
Jean (Finken) '75 and Alex Pruitt
Joanne (Hebrew) '68 and John Prusmack
Megan Ray
Dr. Sharon Redding
Carl Rhodes '83
Jacklyn (Hunke) '77 and Paul Ridder
Peg (Wombacher) '83 and Dave Rock
Dr. Amanda Roe
Lois (Schelle) '59 and Philip Roets
Dr. Jennifer Rose-Woodward D'11
Dr. Michon Rozmajzl RSM '65
St. Pius X Church
Diane Saunders
Robert and Ruth Schab
Mary (Wear) '66 and Edwin Schafer Sr.
Catherine Schmitz '52
Ardi Schoonover
Margaret Schorn '85
Patricia (Sweeney) '69 and Terry Schulte
Monica (Higgins) Seeland '78
Marilyn (Miller) '50 and Robert Serfass
Deborah Sheehan
Mary (Gordon) '09 and Robert Smith
Donna (Camero) '81 and Louis Sobczyk
Sandra Spencer
Nancy (Kaup) '70 and Don Steffen
Jen Summers '05, '06
Rita (Amdor) Swanson '70
Cathy (Feala) '60 and Richard Tamisiea
Sharon (Von Tersch) '72 and Mike Tesar
Penny Thibideau '66
Julie (Benda) '68 and Dennis Thome
Michelle Thornburg
Sara and Steven Titus 
Jane (Koziol) '62 and Joseph Tooley
Dr. Kimberly Varnado
Patricia Wallinger '16
Desiree Walsh Spencer
Joshua Walter
Mary Weber
Douglas and Judith Weil
Steven Westenbroek
Dr. Erin Westover
Dr. Mark White
Rita and Ron Wiley Jr.
Dr. Kathleen D'10 and Michael Zajic
Kay (Mahoney) Zielinski '70
IBM Corporation 
Microsoft Corporation
Prudential Foundation
Molly (Arant) Fleck '05,'07,M '19
Deborah (Keefer) Nugen '99
Kyle Wiesen
Patricia (Cain) Lammers '51


Gifts of $1-$99

Adam Hamilton
Dr. Nat Hardy
Judith Kernan '70
Brian and Judy Mosher
Janelle Domeyer M'08
Dianne (Fleming) '62 and Hal Milburn 
Dr. Thomas and Nancy Gallagher
Pauline (Kocarnik) '64 and Eduardo Mondragon
Renae Kirby
Mary Ann  Burkhardt '60
Lois (Spooner) Carmody '65
Dr. Ellie Cusic
Alice (Armstrong) '69 and Steven Frechette
Sr. Judith Patricia Healy RSM '65
Mary Kay (Klitz) Hensley '68
Steven Irlmeier
Roberta (Dahm) '80 and Joseph Malloy
Elvia (Alonso) '67 and Antonino Piccolo
Kimberly (Kuhl) '95, '97 and AJ Skar
Andrew Wessling M'14
Alma (Moravek) Wood '59
Amazon Smile
Rosemary (Messing) '63 and Gerald Donovan
Michala (D'Ercole) '94 and Christopher Jacobson
Kathleen and Bob Kennedy
Shanda Meeks '06 '11 M'12
Todd and Susan Benton
Vikki (Czaplewski) '90 and Doug Henry
Rebecca (Shudak) '83 and James Katzer
Rita (Staed) '65 and Myron Menaker
Mary Beth (Salzman) '72 and Dave Rutledge
Lois (Armstrong) '67 and William Welliver
Melann (Schorn) '85 and Glen Weichman
Megan Moslander '08
Francie Prier
Emily (Ohlinger) Ryan '72
Rosanne (Grund) Staniford '94
Teresa (Krieger) '11 and Dr. Dennis Anderson
Judy Anderson
Joann Athman-Marcoux
Thomas Barrett
Mary (Nuebel) '70 and Gerald Barry
Pauline (Curran) '60 and Matt Bartek
Pauline (Curran) '60 and Matt Bartek
Eleanor (Hughes) Behrmann '67 
Haley Benedict
Amy (Pfiefer) '78 and Rich Beran
Sally Bisson-Best J.D. and Brian Best
Jill (Barrett) Blaha '06
Brittney Bostic
Kathleen (Hagan) '72 and William Brenny
Mary (Kavanaugh) '65 and Tom Brugman 
Cheryl (Buda) '98 and Tony Leutzinger
Susan (Fleskoski) '74 and Norman Catlett
Julie and James Chambers
Deborah (Thiele) '75 and Philip Christiansen
Dianne Chval
Barbara (Wennekamp) '71 and John Clark
Andrew Clements
Lacey Colchin '04, '06
Kristen Combs-Bicaba
Sr. Corrine Connelly RSM '63
Joan (Klitz) '69 and Dennis Connor
Victoria Coon
Kathleen Crawford-Rose
Hal and Mary Daub
Kathleen (McAleer) Davis '69
Mary (Hugo) '72 and Edward Dechant
Debra Dill
Nancy and Jack Dodendorf '95
Mary Dodson Ellis and Richard Ellis
Barbara (Rine) '67 and Donald Eazell
Nancy (Tibbels) '60 and Gordon Englert
David Ferber
Angela Fernandez
Mary Jane (Runyan) '83 and David Florence
Katherine (Phillips) '53 and Fernando Frank
Amy (Wortmann) '92 and John Giorgio
Marybeth Goddard M'08
Andi and Donald Goldstein
Shirley (Grogan) '59 and William Gouger
Karolyn '07 and Steve Grafel
Eileen (Kaufmann) '65 and Eugene Hahn
Dorothy (Hanus) '67 and Jack Hain
Marianne (Beck) '70 and Jerald Hall
Thomas and patricia Hall
Ann (Heller) Hanigan '78
Janet Hansen
Nancy (White) Hanshaw '99
Dr. Celeste Harvey
Patricia (Draney) '82, '94 and David Hayden
Rita Heavrin '66
Sara (Beck) '76 and Gary Hendrzak
Donna (Donadin) '65 and James Hill
Corinne ( Riesberg) '74 and Randy Hlavac
Edith (Wolterman) '64 and Daniel Hoffman
Mary (Schlenz) '62 and Gary Huliska
Jerald Jancik
Constance Jaros '77
Rosemary (Stanek) '70 and Jerry Jaspersen
Dr. Amy (Stranik) '88 and Randy Jeserpsen
Marlene (Benda) '66 and John Jonas
Marji Jones
Gretchen (Speck) Jopp '89
Judith (Simons) '64 and Ned Julian
Sheila (Kuhl) '72 and Roger Kaczmarek 
Kay Kanger '58
Annabelle Keene
Ruth Keene
Kathleen (Kennedy) '87 and Clifford Smith
Anne Kinney '72
Krysten Knott '78
Diane (Danze) '63 and Ronald Knust
Laura Koch '80, '83
Diane Landon
June (Brown) '62 and Dr. Robert Langenfeld
Doris (Gartner) '66 and Philip Larkins
Colleen (Lang) '91 and Troy Lenard 
Elisabeth (Baker) '69 and David Lindstrom
Susan Liston
Angela Lohaus M'09
Patricia (Patterson) '96 and Charles Lundquist
Sr. Shannon Maguire '68
Ellie (Opp) '00 and Matt Majkowski
Melissa (Smith) '98 and Brent Martin
Michael and Mary McCawley
Audrey (Divis) '93 and John McNamara
Connie (Best) '77 and Kenneth McNary
Mary Kay (Sauter) '68 and Joseph McQuillan
Theresa (Levy) '02 and Kevin Meehan
Sr. Marie Micheletto RSM '62
Amanda (Moffitt) '00 and Ryan Mohr
Robert and Margaret Monaco
Dorothy (Bannon) '48 and John Mueller
Barbara (McTaggart) '71 and Don Mueller
Jessica Nielsen '10,'12,M'13
Nebraska Paralegal Association
Kathleen (Schuyler) '62 and Don Oberdin
Sandra (Jacobsen) '85,'94 and Steve Odya
Patty (Grimm) '88 and Edward Origer
Paige (Gordon) Ozmun '13
Barbara (Siert) '65 and John Paolucci
Sr. Rita Parks RSM '58
Martha (Lammers) '69 and James Pauley
Jeannie (Dugan) '68 and Robert Peterson
Susan (Hassenstab) Phelps '72
Dr. Kristan Pilakowski
Constance Plettner '81
Dr. Shari Prior and Bill O'Brien
Anne Proulx '07
Ann (Riley) '64 and Karl Purdy
Cathy Ravenstahl '10
Loretta (Kaipust) '66 and Paul Reed
Linda (Michels) '72 and Duane Reinig
Debbie (Robinson) '95 and Gary Rice
Dr. Gerald Ries
Theresa (Gummere) '96 and Kevin Rihanek
Gerry Sue (Siebert) '86 and Salvatore Rinella 
Sally (Klitz) '79 Ritzdorf
Ann (Kean) '83 and Dr. Michael Robinson
Troy Roenfeld
Whitney Rubin
Jo Ann (Venner) '77 and Dennis Rushenberg
Marilyn Ryan
Mary (Geren) '71 and Paul Saggau
Allison Sauvain-Hicks '13 and Eric Hicks
Sr. Claudette Schiratti RSM '62
Carol (Masur) '64 and Jerry Schuette
Sally (Richter) Schulte '64
Audrey (Jokerst) '63 and Roland Schwery
Kyle Semprini
Helen (Harty) '61 and Robert Sharp
Michele (Ketteler) '93 and Don Skradis Jr.
Joan (Lawson) '61 and Leo Slapkauskas
Ann Smith-Forde '66
Melissa Soester
Anne (Burke) '66 and Marvin Souchek
Jeff and Tina Spencer
Jennie St. Lucas
Kathleen (Molacek) '86 and Roger Steffensmeier
Pamela (Burke) '74 and Paul Strohfus
Pamela (Klassen) '80 and James Thoeming
Janet (Hrabovsky) '80 and Raymond Thompson
Bernadine (Weiland) '46 and Leo Tighe
Katherine Townsend
Dr. Virginia (Cuellar) '10 and Leo Tufano
Kenneth and Carol Tyner
Diane (Wieser) '73 and Donald Vanecek
Carol (Leinen) '77 and Randy Vogel
Donald Warren
Teresa (Hickman) '66 and Lawrence Wasikowski
Jody (Flammang) '74 and Lawrence Watts
Lavonne (Kuker) Wernimont '62
Sr. Mary Rosalima Wilkinson RSM '49
Holly (Stevens) '02 and Chris Wortmann
Mary (Downey) Wuller '94
Jean (Ramson) '66 and John Zimmer
Uri Colbert
Mary (Marnin) '66 and William Amdor
Kathy Cepuran
Carol '83 and Robert Dargy
Frelima Gaines '12 '13
Ann (Wilkins) Greiman '10
Karen (Divis) '03 and Michael Guy 
Cynthia (Tajchman) '78 and Joseph Hall
Janie Helt '13
Kelly (Yosten) '88 and Michael Huntsman
Marilyn (Wood) '62 and Tom Kasubke
Dr. Clara Kennedy 
Danielle and Abraham Kessler
Kim (Mostek) Mahoney '81
Dr. Molly Wernli
Margaret (Moser) '77 and James McIntyre
Tracy (St. Clair) '95 and Michael Morrissey
Nora Smith '99
Benita (Hausmann) '65 and Buford Williams
Barbara (Devlin) '76 and Robert Berry
Carol (Ozburn) '69 and John Bopp
Angela (Barajas) Conn '98
Ina (Genuchi) '73 and Nick Kendall
Wendy (Angell) '81 and Matthew Kozuh
Linda Meyer '74 and Michael Bohan
Lois (Wieseler) '86 and Joseph Nigrin
Barbara (Bigelow) '59 and Dominic Tripp
Mary Anderson '74, '77
Leanne (Schrage) '78 and Paul Atwood 
Judith Barnes
Kristen Carr
Carole Closter '66
Mary (Ondracek) '66 and William Donovan 
Penny Gildea
Cheryl (Stark) '67 and Michael Kealey
Shari (Dodson) '71 and Gerard Kraus
Mary (Parker) '92 and Jerald Lothrop
Gina (Paladino) '98 and Gregory Mendick
Maryann (Angelus) '60 and Michael Mullen
Gayle '79 and Lawrence Fisk
Bill Reals
Mary (Brunnert) '87 and Joel Schlautman
Linda (Saathoff) '94 and Dan Sestak
Paula (Shald) '83 and Greg Smith
Mary (Matthies) '73 and Jose' Luis Tejeda
Cindy (Fisicaro) Weatherford '99
Nancy (Gore) '97 and Gerry Wilwerding
Bank of the West 
Carol Gehrman '87, '94
Carmen (Gonzalez) '05, M'09 and Paul Ahern
Carla (Schnieders) '72, '87 and Arlan Arens
Cynthia (Clark) '77 and John Arterburn 
JoAnn Aschoff '57
Connie (White) Ashba '67 
Mary (Reilly) '65 and Roger Aymami
Ruth (Stark) '85 and Randy Bathke
Carlene (Van Dyke) '59 and Ivan Beller
Georgiann Benish '78
Robert '74 and Jean Berka
Jane Blee
Judy (Jefferies) '58 and John Blumel
Theresa (Becvar) '91 and Clint Boothe


Carol (Doernemann) '76 and Wayne Bourek
Connie (Meyer) '83 and Terry Brazeal
Hazel (Gehrig) '53 and David Brewer
Robyn Clevenger '05, '06 and Joe Lange
Karen Brown
Rhonda (Kreikemeier) '92 and Timothy Burger
Marilyn (Coder) '60 and Gary Bush
Karen (Jurschak) '65 and Jack Clark
Arlene (Peters) '51 and Patrick Clark
Judith (Greenan) Cuadrado '68
Dorothy (Smith) '63 and Dennis Drake
Donna Dawson
Susan Dempsey '95
Ann (Eisenmenger) '59 and Ron Denkinger
Caren (Volker) '99 and Daren Dey
Connie (Vollmer) '63 and Thomas Dunham
Kathleen Edwards Hughes '84
Leonard Engler
Anita Farwell '05 
Judy (Collison) Feld '63
Christy Fiala M'07
Anne (Schmitz) '54 and Byron Finnefrock
Susanne Foley '65
Lacey Follmer '05, M'10
Peggy (Irlmeier) '80 and Michael Foye
Aura Lee (Turek) '80 and Jack Furgason
Linda (Haller) Gettler '66 
Mary Rae (Metz) '62 and Armand Gibbons
Linda Gibbs '80
Constance (Werner) Golden '69
Jill (Lindhorst) '99 and Jayson Goss
Dr. Patricia (Mahon) Graham '98 D'08
Daniel '77 and Jessie Granger
Mary (Wiemers) '73 and Rolin Green
Elizabeth '08 and Scott Gorss
Joyce (Becker) '69 and Luvern Gubbels
Sally (Propes) Guest '09
Jane (Stumpf) '97 and Wayne Gundvaldson 
Patrick '80 and Katie Gurnett
Rick and Julie Haney
Elizabeth Hanken '69
Carolyn (Ohlinger) '69 and Lawrence Hein
Diane (Luebbert) '82 and Osa Hendricks
Yen (Tran) '85 and Doanh
Linda (Brinker) '62 and Edward Hoffman
Mary (Conley) '65 and Jerry Hohman
Marian '91 and Jeffery Holden
Nancy Holloran
Rosetta (Pinkelman) '73 and Wayne Hopler
Royca Irvin
Patricia Johnson
Kim Jones '83
Joan (Berlie) '90 and Leonard Jurek
Kathleen (Beeghly) '79 and Charles Karnik
Robyne (Ball) Keane '66
Karin (Stumpf) Kelly '87
Mary Kelly '63
Andrea (Glenn) Kiichler '10
Doris (Brichacek) '70 and Donald Klitz
Maria Knudtson
Mary (Knievel) '74 and David Koester
Nancy (Schmidt) '72 and Bob Koley
Dr. Christopher Krampe
Kristy Krupa
Mary Beth (Devlin) '72 and Ken Kunze
Sr. Catherine Kuper RSM '66
Mary Lampert '01
Susan (Chatt) '68 and Bill Langley
Julissa Lara M '08
Valerie (Rose) Locker '15 
Brittney N. and Scott Long
Suzanne (Barbeau Stryker) Macaulay '13
Mary (Stander) MacFerrin '70
Jacqueline (Hall) Manna '00, M'06
Patricia (O'Neill) '78 and Anton Martinez
John McCandless
Maxine (Nebuda) '65 and Kenneth McCormick
Beverly (Brandt) Motykowski '86 
Kelly Murphy
Mary Nespor '73 
Kathryn Oberg '79
Joanne O'Connor
Renee (Hadan) '88 and Gary Osborn
Jan (Hardison) '89, '91 and Thomas Paskach
Stephen and Lynnee Pattrin
Nicole Peers '11
Luta Pleiss M'08
Mary (Modica) '82 and William Pospischil
Carla Post '92
Patricia (Sayre) '64 and David Quinlan
Alexa Reeder '16, M'17
Sr. Monica Marie Reichmuth RSM '61
Sr. Laura Reicks RSM
Catherine (Scott) '73 and Leo Reilly
Amy Sauser
Tracy (Dunekacke) '11, '12 and Aaron Schoening
Mary Ellen (Thompson) Scott '73 
Vivian (Poledna) '65 and Donald Seaman
Linda Severin
Maureen (Dukat) '67 and Richard Shannon
Linda (Mattern) '68 and Frederick Soetaert
Randall and Mary Solberg
Chelsea (Dean) '11 and Ryan Souder  
Mary (Harrahill) '51 and William Sowers
Sandra (Willms) '69 and Don Stone
Rebecca (Fichter) '82 and John Stubblefield
Lynn Sullivan '83
Sydney Svehla '17 M'18
Doris (Walz) '59 and Robert Thimmesh
Gloria (Waris) Thompson '73
Kathleen (Mauro) '65 and William Thoms
Sr. Katherine Trenda SSSF '73
Patricia (Otte) '67 and Stephen Tuosto
Merna (Steiner) '89 and Dick Urwin
Sandra Van Sant '83, '87
Darrel Voegler '80
Margaret (Flick) '60 and Thomas Walsh
Sheri Wells-Chesley '97 and James Chesley
Kathleen (Kennedy) '69 and Boyd West
Sherrylrae Wicker '86
Karen '78 and Ronald Wiley
Cheryl (Marks) '75, '87 and Gary Willis
Deborah (Richmond) Willyard '17 
Andrea (Moore) Brudigan '13 '14 M'17
Maria and Bart Alban
Ann '92 and Kevin Amick
Darrick Armstrong
Lois (Heinen) '80 and Carl Aumen
Jessie Bass '93
Kathleen (Brougham) '70 and Douglas Bates
Elaine (Hahn) '89 and John Blickenstaff
Ranae (Rettig) '82 and Roger Brandt
Kimberly Carlin '00
Janet (Pattavina) '80 and David Chalupa
Amy (Othmer) '94 and Rodney Christen
Mary  Coffey-Foster '77
Mary Ann (Volkmer) '84 and Donald Cooper
Dr. Cristy Daniel D`11
Sandi Demuth M '15
Mary (Briseno) '65 and Deacon Dinneen
Dr. Starlette Dossou '04
Gloria Erickson '86
Sr. Patricia Forret RSM '65
Brittney Fritzinger
Gail Gartner '65
Morgan Grosshans Ebberson '13, M '14 and Brandon Ebberson
Kristine Hain '17, M'18
Sr. Gloria Heese RSM '64
Deborah (Molacek) '84 and Darryl Hegemann
Lora (Matulka) '76 and Jeff Higgins
Cynthia (Hoffmeyer) '72 and Steven Messenger
Karina Ibarra '14
Kevin '90 and Lynn Irlbeck 
Lori (Mendlik) Jensen '83
Sheila (Jones) Johns '89
Jean (Weisbecker) '80 and Michael Kieffer
Kathryn (Bush) '67 and Robert Klitzke
Victoria Lentfer '05 D'11
Virginia (Hofmann) '65 and Robert Lewis
Janet (Ballew) '68 and Joseph Lory
Joanne Malloy '68
Diane and Richard Mayhew
Mary (Sealock) '72 and Michael McGowan 
Kaiya (Oleson) '93 and Glen Mears
Mary and Robert Meehan
Clarice (Turco) '71 and John Neumann
Nancy (Pietig) '72 and Harold Orth
Mary Geneva Paluka '62
M. Jean (Foster) '64 and George Pfeifer
Emilie Powell
Rev. Robert Preisinger
Patricia (Urbanovsky) '63 and Wilbur Pupkes
Patricia (Alexander) '73 and Roy Rempe
Dr. Brenda Romero
Theresa (Papke) '69 and Charles Schrad
Kylee Shank
Juanita Sieben '73
Michaela (Welniak) '96 and Ryan Skogerboe
Kathy (Freund) '03 and Javen Smith 
Mary (Kalinowski) '65 and David Snyder
Sally (Miller) '70 and Gordon Storr
Shirley (Volkmer) Straub '62
Pamela (Morrissey) '79 and Robert Tagart
Bernadette (Franssen) Thiel '86 
Barbara Treadway 
Lyn Wallin Ziegenbein
Juanita (Smith) Washburn '92
Dr. Tamora Whitney '83
Sr. Mary Cyrilla  Wolfe RSM '62
Abby Zach '15
Carolyn (Schlueter) Ziemann '07
Bridgette  Weishaar '17
Madelene McCracken
Lorna Brandt '72
Diane (McEvoy) '55 and Theodore Brentlinger
Max Burbach
Ana (Aguilar) '12, '13 and Moises Carrillo
Catherine Caroll-Moriarty '97 and Christopher Moriarty
Janet (Skupa) '64 and Clarke Dippell
Judith (Schaffart) '63 and John Gubbels
JoAnn (Willert) '66 and Terry Lane
Mary Beth (Meyer) '85 and Timothy Lowe
Debra (Pauley) '84 and George Martens
Maria (LaMantia) '73 and James O'Bryan
Julie Payne
Kathleen (Troia) '90 and James Radosevich 
Laura '77 and Roger Weeks 
Sheila Wilder '66
Sr. Mary Karen Yarkosky RSM '60
Sr. Caroline Turnovsky RSM '72
Tammy Allen '14
Deborah (Macko) Andahl '00
Colleen (Nalty) '83 and Andrew Barnes
Brenda Benskin '92
Joan (Reinhart) '68 and Jack Boeder
Kenneth and Patricia Brandl
Paula (Theisen) '65 and Frank Broghammer
Joanne (Walker) Clayton '86
Sr. Madeleva Comiskey RSM '55
Theresa Cordova '85
Florida Francisquez
Jennifer Greenberg
Lisa (Mayer) '92 and Patrick Guinan 
Kathleen Haile '07
VaReane (Gray) '69 and Terry Heese
Vivian (Thornburg) '58 and Donald Hess
Patrice (Minarick) '77 and Mark Hines
Carmelina (Breci) '82 , '86 and Philip Inserra
Harriett (Standeven) '59 and Joseph Joyce
Dr. Jeff Keyte
Alice (Stalp) Kindschuh '78 
Julie (Graeve) '89 and Daryl Klein
Julie (Graeve) '89 and Daryl Klein
Annette and Linus LeRoy
Tomi McCuen M'17
Madison Mead
Hermean (Clayton) '85 and Edward Medlin
Jamie Meints
Sheila (Barry) '61 and Edwin Osterhaus
Mary Popp '02, '03
Michael Roberts
Margaret (McGuire) Shannon '55
Amber Stoltenberg
Juliet Summers
Choua Vang '18
Abby (Miller) '16, M'17 and Wade Walters
Lisa and Gery Whalen
Lori Molin
Kendra Bryant
Larissa Buster
Ellen (Croat) '62 and Frank Celsi
Kristofer Czerwiec
Kemla Prathan
Daniela (Rojas) '15 and Miguel Juan Lorenzo 
Christine Simone
Barbara (Bennington) '93 and Lavere Wise
Nicole Casey '16
Amy Miller