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College of Saint Mary Elementary Science Outreach Program

The College of Saint Mary Elementary Science Outreach program brings exciting, hands-on activities to the elementary science classroom.  Once scheduled by the elementary classroom teacher with CSM, two CSM college level science students bring equipment, experience and resources and provide a specific one hour activity to the students.  The normal classroom teacher is present for the activity to monitor and help answer student questions.

Founded in 2011, the CSM Elementary Science Outreach Program is a student driven, faculty managed and supported program which seeks to bring exciting and educational hands-on science activities to elementary school classrooms in the Omaha Metropolitan area.

One of the goals of our program is to expose children to not only science-based activities, but also basic scientific equipment.  We want to show the children the world of science and nature, and simple equipment like mirrors, lasers, a Van Der Graaf (static electricity) generator and microscopes makes this possible.  We understand the tight nature of public school budgets, and have arranged with College of Saint Mary to bring our equipment to your classroom!

Please explore the links below for more information about our program and how you and your students can become involved in our program.  Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our faculty coordinator, aroe [at] (Jennifer E. Grove, PhD) or contact us from the web.

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