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Single Parent Success

It’s not easy to raise a child on your own while pursuing your college degree. But we know that degree will make a meaningful difference in your life and the life of your child, so we’re here to help you with encouragement, support and connections to community resources.

Our dedicated Director of Single Parent Success will help you access what you need to stay on track and meet your goals. She will help you access the Spellman Child Development Center on our campus or screen alternative daycares. She will also help you find a pediatrician, school, legal aid services and more.

We offer monthly lifeskills workshops on parenting strategies, health and wellness, child custody and support and more.

The Successful Single Mother is a one-credit-hour class that you can elect to take. The course covers the institutional oppression of single mothers and the feminization of poverty to bust stereotypes and enhance self-esteem. Students share goals, enjoy engaging events and form a strong network for life. This program is required for all Mothers Living & Learning resident students.

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