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Shamra Lundeen, MSN, RN
Broken Bow, NE | Director of Practical Nursing Certificate Program
  Shamra Fritsch Lundeen first stepped on College of Saint Mary’s campus as a student seeking her bachelor’s degree in nursing. The University’s message of women empowerment spoke to her. “Every... Learn More »
Gabby Felker
Omaha, NE | Nursing
Gabby Felker was 9 years old when her sister had an accident. Molly, then 2, choked on a hot dog that left her with a traumatic brain injury. “Throughout my childhood, I witnessed a lot of healthcare... Learn More »
Madison Duran
Firth, NE | Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Madison Duran’s first exposure to occupational therapy was a life-changing experience. Her grandmother had cancer. “During that traumatic and sad time, the therapists made a difference in her life... Learn More »
Lyna Truong
Colorado Springs, CO | Biology
When Lyna Truong chose to major in biology, she was unsure what career path she would take with the degree. But as a recipient of College of Saint Mary’s prestigious Marie Curie Scholarship, the... Learn More »
Sam Homan
Omaha, NE | Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Sam Homan initially attended college to become a nurse. But after his first clinical rotation, he changed his mind. “I got exposed to occupational therapy and fell in love with it,” he said. After... Learn More »
Pam Martinez
La Vista, NE | Psychology
When Pam Martinez enrolled at College of Saint Mary, she was unsure what she wanted to study. “In high school, a lot of things piqued my interest, so I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go,” she... Learn More »
Kayla Richmond
Omaha, NE | Nursing
Kayla Richmond was in the process of completing College of Saint Mary’s Practical Nursing Certificate (PNC) program last summer when she realized that she wanted to further her education. Then, she... Learn More »
Lilly Alfaro
Denison, Iowa | Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Lilly Alfaro planned to attend medical school after earning her undergraduate degree in kinesiology. Then, she was injured while playing intramural rugby, causing her to see an occupational therapist... Learn More »
Leslie Le
Bellevue, NE | Nursing
Leslie Le was completing her training to become a certified nursing assistant when she learned about College of Saint Mary’s Josie Harper Scholarship from her professor. Through the Josie Harper... Learn More »
Michelle Davidson
Omaha, NE | Occupational Therapy Doctorate
As Michelle Davidson, a graduate student at College of Saint Mary, was developing her capstone project, she decided to draw on her own experience: ice skating. Michelle planned Skating Away Stress: A... Learn More »
Student Organizations
Over Christmas break, Rosario Chaclan, a junior at College of Saint Mary, talked with her mother about starting a Bible study group on campus. Her mother encouraged her to speak to Liz Ludvik, the... Learn More »
Emily Kahm, PhD
Kansas City, MO | Associate Professor of Theology
At College of Saint Mary, students are required to take two theology courses as part of the general education criteria, but theology professor Emily Kahm, PhD, goes beyond the thought of the program... Learn More »
Ritzy Dominguez
Mission, TX | Mathematics
Ritzy Dominguez was 14 years old when she first learned to play golf. She was encouraged by her dad who wanted someone to join him on the course. “He told me I should try it. It felt kind of boring... Learn More »
Mackenzie Vitosh
Odell, NE | Elementary and Special Education
Mackenzie Vitosh has always loved working with kids. However, she wasn’t sure how that would come into her life. For the longest time, she wanted to be a lawyer. “My parents said I was good at... Learn More »
Peyton Preston
Omaha, NE | Nursing
Trial and error is a concept that students learn during their time in college.  Nursing student Peyton Preston knows all about this process.  She initially attended another college for two years... Learn More »