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CSM Registrar got Head Start on Role in College
Anthony Cole
Bowie, MD

Anthony Cole began working in the registrar’s office at his alma mater before he had even graduated. The Bowie, Md., native began working in various offices as a sophomore at St. John’s College, a liberal arts institution, in Annapolis.

Prior to graduation, he accepted a temporary job in the registrar’s office as an assistant to the registrar. That position later became permanent, and Anthony began his career in higher education.

Before his hiring as College of Saint Mary’s registrar in October 2021, Anthony worked as an associate registrar at Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel and registrar at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla.

Anthony and his wife, Kathleen, were looking for new opportunities in the Midwest when he found the job posting at CSM. Both have connections to Nebraska, and CSM seemed like the perfect fit.

“I really resonated with the mission of the school and being somewhere with strong religious tradition but that is very inclusive and wanting people of any faith to feel protected and comfortable and able to explore that,” he said.

In his role as registrar, Anthony is responsible for keeping student records. That leads to a lot of predictability, such as graduation, and variation throughout the year. He also has opportunities to interact with students.

“There are always students coming whom we’re getting to know and are hopefully benefitting or feel like they have a resource or a person they can reach out to as they go through their career here,” he said.

Graduation is one of Anthony’s favorite events on campus. He also appreciates the people who work together toward CSM’s common goals.

“I just really love the staff and the people I interact with daily,” Anthony said. “The people on my team, those I see in the lunchroom and those we see once a week at staff coffee. I’ve had so much fun.”

When he’s not on campus, Anthony enjoys spending time with his family, including three sons, Felix, 8; Aiden, 6; and Kieran, 2.

“We’ve got a big backyard that our kids are in all the time when it’s warmer,” he said,

The family also enjoys playing and going to soccer games, while he and his wife love attending concerts.