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Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program Cost

  Cost of Attendance 2021 - 2022 (Fall, Spring, & Summer terms)

  Class of 2024



 Estimated off campus living expenses


 Estimated books and supplies 


 Estimated miscellaneous living expenses


 Estimated transportation expenses


 Estimated loan fees 



For questions please contact the Financial Aid Office

The College of Saint Mary Financial Aid Office offers federal student loans to help you fund your education. To begin the application, you will need to file your FAFSA and add our school code: 002540.

there are several loan repayment programs that offer partial or full repayment of college loans. The American Association of Medical Colleges provides a database to search loan repayment/forgiveness and scholarship programs

College of Saint Mary Refund Policy

Students who want to withdraw from one or several courses or the entire semester, must complete the appropriate withdrawal form. The student must submit the withdrawal form with all required signatures. Students who fail to submit a withdrawal checklist as required will not be eligible for a refund.

The date of withdrawal will, in every case, be considered the date on which the withdrawal form is initiated. The date the process is initiated, as stated on the withdrawal form, will become the basis for a possible refund of tuition. See Traditional Refund Policy (#12) for refund dates and calculations of tuition and fees.

Students who withdraw from all classes and are receiving federal financial aid will have their federal financial aid adjusted in accordance with Federal Return to Title IV Funds regulations. See the Refund of Title IV funds Policy (#14) for more information.

See Traditional Refund Policy (#12) for refund dates and calculations of tuition and fees.