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Undergraduate Student Admissions


We are excited that you’re ready to begin your journey at College of Saint Mary by submitting your application! Discover an affordable education without added fees by joining a campus that offers 35+ majors built for your success. The University continues to invest in innovative programs that open an efficient path to careers in high-demand fields. Don’t hesitate to info [at] (ask questions) about the admissions process or specific academic programs as you move through the steps. The Enrollment team is here to help!

When you apply to College of Saint Mary, you are eligible for several scholarships and grants including athletic, merit-based and need-based awards. To be considered for admission to an undergraduate program, submit your application with a $30 non-refundable application fee and the additional information listed below.

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Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Undergraduate admission requirements for College of Saint Mary include your completed application and the following:

  • High school transcript with GPA and class rank 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0
  • ACT score of 18 or higher or SAT scores of 870 or higher on critical reading and math
  • Personal interview (if required for your major)
  • Transcripts from any post high school institutions for transfer students. Students who have earned 12 or more credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 from other institutions qualify as transfer students


Depending on your program of study, we may have additional requirements. Students who do not meet the admissions criteria may be admitted on a conditional basis.  The best way to know what is required is to inquire today.