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Meet the 2021 Heart of the Walking Woman Celebration Finalists

Friday, February 19, 2021

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Heart of the Walking Woman Celebration (formerly Queen of Hearts), which recognizes students who exemplify character, service, and leadership on campus. Inductees took some time to reflect on what it means to them to be chosen as a finalist for this prestigious honor. Winners will be chosen during a virtual ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 27. The live stream event will begin at 1 p.m. CST. You can register to attend virtually at


“I feel incredibly honored to be nominated as a finalist for the Heart of the Walking Woman. Already in my short time here at College of Saint Mary, I have grown so much as a young woman in so many ways. Being recognized has provided a leap of confidence and continues to push me to become a strong leader on this campus. I have a passion for making a difference in others' lives and this nomination shows my beliefs and values as a person.”

“Being chosen as a finalist has shown me how welcoming the College of Saint Mary community is. I was kind of nervous coming to CSM…though I went to a large high school, I did not know a lot of people who went here. I am also pretty shy around new people but warm up after a while. I tried to break out of my normal habits and meet new people and this nomination showed me that I was able to do that. I am a hardworking person and I do my best to go the extra mile in class. Being nominated and becoming a finalist showed me that people do appreciate that type of mindset. Overall, I am very excited to be a finalist and being able to make an impact on this campus during my first year!”

“Being recognized as a finalist for the Heart of the Walking Woman is an honor. This year especially. Through the pandemic, the Heart of the Walking Woman shows perseverance, hard work and overcomes challenges while maintaining amazing leadership, service, and character. I have been very grateful to attend in-person classes, make new friends and get involved in campus activities. Being nominated shows me that throughout my first year at College of Saint Mary I have been able to make an impact on campus and in the community.”


“It is an honor to be a finalist for this award especially, on the 75th year. I know that upholding the ideas, traditions, and values of this award is a big responsibility and I am thankful that we continue to recognize and inspire all the women in this institution who represent these standards. Being a finalist is humbling and it inspires me to continue being a student and citizen who can proudly represent our school.”

“To be a nominated as a Heart of the Walking Woman finalist has meant so much to me. It was very humbling to hear that I had been recognized for leadership, character, and service on our campus. This nomination means that I have grown as a leader, as well as in my service to others, and in my character as a person.  I could not have grown in these values without the College of Saint Mary community, as well as my family and friends. I feel honored to be chosen as a finalist among so many amazing women at College of Saint Mary.”

“Being a Heart of the Walking Woman finalist means the world to me. It is an honor to be among the amazing women that get to stand up here and represent College Saint Mary. College of Saint Mary means the world to me—it’s an honor to know that I mean something to this school as well.” 


“It is an honor to be standing with the leaders of CSM. This year marking the 75th anniversary makes it that much more special. I think being a finalist reflects less on me but rather the atmosphere and comfortability I’ve found at CSM. I found a home and a niche amongst not just the students/my peers but the staff and faculty. There was a special place here for me to grow and flourish into the individual I aspired to be but never thought I could be. I began setting goals for myself and finding my footing amid the challenges that my major inevitably produced; I found peace in the struggle of becoming who I am cause it was a safe place to fall. I found a place in Senate, my peers welcomed me when I wasn’t the easiest to work with; I learned how to communicate affectively and with compassion. Serving as a Senator and being a HWW Finalist is another piece of how CSM has rewarded me for allowing myself to find comfort in this beautiful place to grow.”

Ky Jackson
Major: Early Childhood Education

“Being chosen as a Heart of the Walking Woman finalist means that I am capable of being the strong, influential woman that I have always aspired to be. The Walking Woman to me symbolizes a hard-working, independent woman that strives for excellence. I believe that being selected as a finalist is honorable in the way that I am being held to the high standard of what the Walking Woman represents.  It is truly an honor to be able to be selected and recognized to represent the third-year class here at the College of Saint Mary.”


“Becoming a Heart of the Walking Woman finalist means I symbolize the mission at the college. College of Saint Mary’s mission inspires women to Excellence, Service, Dignity, Compassion, Inclusivity, and Integrity. College of Saint Mary and the Sisters of Mercy uplift women to become strong and independent women in society.”

“Throughout my past four years at College of Saint Mary, I have been given the amazing opportunity to grow and develop into the woman I am today. Being nominated as a finalist for the Heart of the Walking Woman means that my hard work and effort in everything I do leaves a positive impact on those around me both at CSM and in the Omaha community. I am honored to stand beside the other women nominated for the Heart of the Walking Woman.”

“Being a Heart of the Walking Woman Finalist is an honor. Embodying the character and love the Walking Woman represents is something I will truly always aspire to be. It means that I have been able to spend my two years here learning how to become a woman who strives to be successful, care for her community, never apologizing for evoking the change this earth needs, and being a woman who is worth remembering due to the love she brought to the world. Being a finalist means that I am striving to be the best woman I can be and that I truly am receiving the affirmation that I am providing the best I can to the community around me.”