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CSM Summer Academies

*Note: The arrival dates have been updated to ensure the safety of our participants. 

College of Saint Mary is excited to announce the expanded offerings of its 2021 Summer Academy Programs for all young women of color! We are hosting two separate week-long experiences on our campus for young women in grades ten through twelve. With the theme of Positive Vibes: Mind over Matter, participants will learn about neuroscience and how their mentality can positively impact their mind, body and spirit. Students will interact with students and engage in the community.  

During the academies, upcoming high school sophomores, juniors and seniors will:

  • Receive a $500 SCHOLARSHIP to CSM
  • Learn from a STEAM curriculum
  • Get acquainted with college life and meet new friends
  • Meet professional women in the community
  • Participate in cultural activities

Tentative Dates

June 7 - 11: Upcoming sophomores and juniors.
June 14 - 18: Upcoming seniors.

In addition to the list above, participants will:

  • Receive assistance with applying and preparing for college
  • Create a plan to apply to 10 colleges and/or universities and for 5 scholarships

Application Information

Applications for the Summer Academies should be submitted through our online application below.

The fee is $25 for the entire week of classes and activities. 

The deadline to apply has been extended to Tuesday, June 1, 2021. 

Please encourage students to sign up early, as the spaces fill up quickly.​

Admission Criteria

A successful applicant should:

  • Complete the online application prior to the extended deadline; Tuesday, June 1, 2021
  • Upload the most recent high school transcript
  • Upload a completed essay


Upload a copy of your high school transcript into the online application.  The transcript must include one full academic year of grades.  If your transcript does not include one year of grades, you may upload a mid-term or interim report card.


Write an essay that answers the questions below.  Your answers should be between 200-500 words for each question. Please include your name at the top of each page of your essay before uploading. 

1)  Tell us about yourself.
2) What are you goals after high school graduation?
3) How will participating in the Summer Academy help you achieve your future goals?

Before you begin this application, please make sure you have the following information:

1) Your address, cell phone number and e-mail address
2) Your parent/guardians address, home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address
3) Your current GPA
4) A copy of your High School Transcript in a format that can be uploaded
5) Your essay in a Word or .PDF document that can be uploaded.

*If you have any questions regarding the online application, please reach our to Summeracademy [at]


Learn More about the $80,000 Marie Curie Scholarship 

The Marie Curie Scholarship provides significant financial support (up to $80,000) and resources for young women majoring in Biology, Chemistry or Mathematics. The Marie Curie Program is so much more than just a scholarship though! Scholars also enjoy participating in several program-specific activities that build friendships with other students that have similar interests. Scholars will also receive mentoring from CSM faculty to develop skills such as those critical for effective learning in college courses, self-assessment, and goal setting.

Through the program activities, scholars will explore STEM careers, complete research with faculty or internships, and network with CSM alumna. These experiences are beneficial for students when applying for graduate or professional schools. Scholars have had high rates of acceptance into graduate programs after completing the Marie Curie Program. 

Questions and Answers

How long is the Summer Academy?

How long is the Summer Academy?

Each academy is five days long.  The Summer Academy for current 9th and 10th graders is June 7th – 11th and the academy for current 11th graders is June 14th-18th.

Will there be a residential component?

Will there be a residential component?

This year the Summer Academies will not have a residential component due to COVID-19.  We hope to offer a residential experience in 2022. 

Does it cost anything to attend the Summer Academy?

Does it cost anything to attend the Summer Academy?

The registration fee is $25.00.  All other costs during the Summer Academies (including, activities, transportation, and meals) are fully covered by the College of Saint Mary.  Students may bring spending money to use at the campus Coffee House, bookstore, and vending machines.

What is the purpose of the Summer Academies?

What is the purpose of the Summer Academies?

The Summer Academies are filled with academic, recreational, and cultural activities designed to provide students with the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a college student.  During the Summer Academies students will take college-like courses, participate in cultural activities, and learn more about applying to and financing college.  Students are supervised carefully throughout the Summer Academies, but also have the chance to experience a great deal of independence and personal accountability. 

I attended the Summer Academies as a 9th, 10th, and 11th grader. Can I use all of my scholarship dollars?

I attended the Summer Academies as a 9th, 10th, and 11th grader. Can I use all of my scholarship dollars?

Each participate receives a $500.00 scholarship when they complete the Summer Academy at the College of Saint Mary.  If a student attends all three years, they may use the $1500.00 they have received in scholarship dollars. 

What safety measures are being taken during COVID?

What safety measures are being taken during COVID?

Masks - All students, faculty and staff and guests will be required to wear masks to slow and prevent the spread of the virus. Disposable masks will be available in the Information Center (ground floor of Walsh Hall) and in the Library, with additional washable masks available for purchase in the Campus Store.

*We understand that in rare situations, individuals are unable to wear a mask due to health issues. In these instances, please use a face shield, continue to practice social distancing, and send a notice of this in on the “Health Self Reporting Form”  (we will inform the faculty who teach your courses). 

Social Distancing

  • Individuals are requested to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet when possible.   
  • Classrooms have been adapted to ensure appropriate spacing and/or the addition of Plexiglas dividers.
  • Only two people should sit at each table in the library, residence hall lounges, and study areas.
  • Elevator occupancy is limited to 4 people at a time.
  • Narrow stairways have been transitioned to one-way.
  • Faculty and staff meetings will continue to be online in the spring, which has freed up meeting rooms to be utilized for additional classroom space.  

Classroom Cleaning – Faculty and students will be asked to wipe down any surfaces or equipment they utilized at the end of each class. Cleaning supplies will be provided and the passing periods between classes have been extended from 10 to 15 minutes to allow for additional time for cleaning without taking away learning time.

Self-Screening – All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to self-screen daily. The University of Nebraska Medical Center has developed a quick and easy application: “1-Check COVID” which you can download to your Android or iPhone. 

Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizing stations are placed at high traffic entrances of buildings. 

Hand Washing – Reminders of proper hand washing practices have been placed in all restrooms. 

Water Fountains – Water fountains will be transitioned to touchless water fill stations.