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Honor Roll of Donors 2018-2019

You play a critical role in the fulfillment of the College of Saint Mary’s mission of educating women, calling forth potential, and fostering leadership. As a community of faith and an institution of higher education, College of Saint Mary can have a tremendous impact on the whole of a student’s life. We, however, could do nothing without your commitment to this mission. Thank you for your partnership.

The following Honor Roll of Donors is a testament to your generosity. We offer our sincerest gratitude for your vital role and vow to be good stewards of the resources you invest with us.

All names and amounts reflect gifts given in the fiscal year running July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.

Leadership Circle 2018-2019

College of Saint Mary’s Leadership Circle is an annual giving society that provides critical support to students through gifts of $1,000 or more. For a look at the print version of this listing, check out the online Leadership Circle flipbook.

Visionary ($100,000+)

The Sherwood Foundation
The Hawks Foundation
Annette and Paul Smith
Nancy (Lander) Abboud '61
The Sunderland Foundation
The Lozier Foundation
Sisters of Mercy West Midwest Community
Weitz Family Foundation
Dr. Melissa Kean J.D. and Steven Kean J.D.


Dr. Stephanie and Jack Koraleski
Cathy (Reardon) '61 and Michael Carr
Deborah A. Macdonald J.D. 
Dan and Esther Brabec
Peg (Hoffman) Petersen '68
The Holland Foundation
The Buffett Early Childhood Fund
The Estate of Mary Palmesano
Mr. and Mrs. N.P. Dodge Jr.


Transformational ($25,000-$99,999)

Audrey (Gruntorad) Milfs '67
Claire M. Hubbard Foundation
Kathy Simon
Bill and Sherry Wachtler
Doug and Elaine Wilwerding
Ron and Pauline Wilwerding
Kami (Spader) '00 and Matt Shalhoob
Frueauff Foundation Inc. 
The Harriet Foran Kane Trust
Chartwells Food Service
Leland J. & Dorothy H. Olson Charitable Found
Maureen and Jim Kennedy
Dr. Gail Walling Yanney and Michael Yanney



Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation
Paul Hartnett
Ron and Jean Gordon
Wende and John Kotouc
Cathie (O'Neill) '68 and John Fullenkamp
Med-Sense Guaranteed Association
Rita (Sipes) '74 and Bryce Pearsall
Elizabeth Hug '67
Rick Jeffries J.D. and Leslie Jeffries
David and Beth Kramer 
Kathy (Meisner) '00 M'02 and Paul Nickel
Angela Walker-Weber J.D. '96 and Chip Weber


Strategic ($5,000-$24,999)

Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation
Ruth (AuBuchon) '68 and David McLaughlin
Sue (Liebentritt) '70 and Martin Garcia M.D.
The McGowan Family Foundation
Barbara Person and Scott Burger
Dr. Claude and Darlene Wynn
Bill and Susan Cutler
John T. and Lynda Reed
Mary Ann Gilmore '63
Catholic Mutual Group
Michael and Marcia DeFreece
American National Bank
Ted and Tracy Bridges 
Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community
Dr. Maryanne Stevens RSM
Karen and Kim Hawkins
Dr. Katie Weitz and Tim Wilson
Sue Weiler-Doke '85 and Jeff Doke
Edith Gallagher '60
Patricia Callone '63
Edward and Lida Robinson Charitable Trust
Amy L. Scott Family Foundation
Brad and Amy Knuth 
Ann and Brad Ashford
Dr. Doug and Kathy Herriott 


Judy Seeman '99
Kathleen Kersey '86
First National Bank-Norfolk
Carol (Verret) Evans '67
Beth Summers
Jean and Rudy Bartman
Debbie Burchard
Pauline (Selenke) '65 and Terry Pesek
Lorraine Chang J.D. and Eric Pearson
Margaret and Ken Doyle
Ann Dunn-Foley '66 and Thomas Foley
Deanne and Bill Fairfield
Barbara Fitzgerald
Lance and Julie Fritz
Jamie Gutierrez and Sergio Mora
Joanie Hartnett
Michael Hartnett
Bonnie (Jennett) Hickey '98
Bryan Mick J.D. and Kelly Mick
Heider Family Foundation
Trust for the Meditation Process
Cynthia Spagnola
Bank of America Foundation
Kathy and Mike Bressler
Michele (D'Ercole) '93 and Brent Pohlman


Inspirational ($1,000-$4,999)

Juana Acosta '10
CM's Lawn & Landscape
Lloyd and Charlene Meyer
Steve and Cindy Ritzman
Mary Focht 
Patricia (Colchin) Lavey '52
Dr. and Mrs. Britt Thedinger
Cooper Foundation
Pat Lenaghan '74 and Gary Kropf
M. Patricia (Oppold) Leuschen '65
Sara Hanson 
Dr. Jennifer and Ken Reed-Bouley 
Scott Focht 
Yoshiko Tanaka '68
Ideal Images 
Makovicka Physical Therapy
Miller Orthopedic
Kathy and Dr. Michael Gross
McGill Gotsdiner Workman et. al. 
Kaleen (Petsche) Baker '67 
Sue (Olson) '87 and Mike Kopfle
Les and Phyllis Lawless 
Eileen O'Brien '66
Mary Ann (Hostettler) '63 and Fred Strider M.D.
Del and Phyllis Toebben
Dr. Margaret M. Yungbluth '69 and Dr. David A. Balling
Dr. James Burger 
Althea (Nash) Lee '72
Sr. Jeanine Salak RSM '58
Dr. Sarah and Richard Kottich
American Association of University Women - Omaha Branch
Dr. Tara Knudson Carl and Kelly Carl
Dr. Christi '04 M'06 D'08 and Brandon Glesmann
Rev. R. Patrick McCaslin
Terri (Wachtler) '93 and Corey Campbell
Colleen (O'Leary) '68 and Hugh Spellman
Marian Standeven 
Vernie and Carter Jones
Barbara (Juelsgaard) '72 and James Manser 
The Links, Inc. - Omaha Chapter
Dr. Dee and Jeffrey Acklie
Dr. Viv and John Ewing Jr.
Katherine (Scholl) Troia '46
Stephanie (Trouba) '87 and Michael Sharp
Paula (McGonigal) '80 and Tom Peal
Mary Kay Vrba '73
Mary (Schlickbernd) '72 and William J. Partusch '89


Diane (Langel) '72 and Larry Proulx
Carol (Becker) Conway-Gerhardt Ph.D. '64 and Todd R. Gerhardt
Lenore (Baburek) '62 and Dr. Jeoffrey Deeths
Peggy Liewer '69
Yvonne (Schlautman) '63 and Fred McGarry
Marie Murphy
Marie (Phelan) '64 and John M. Powell
Deb Denbeck 
Carole (Duncan) Buckman '65 
Dr. Mary Kay (Gubbels) '98 D'09 and Dennis Smid
David and Carrol Brach 
Bridges Investment Counsel Inc.
The John A. Hartford Foundation Inc. 
Kessler Financial Services
Sr. Marie Angele RSM
Pam Barba
Betty Bauer '38
Patricia (Bianchi) '66 and James Bausch
Ronald and Chris Blumkin
Mary (Stalp) '76 and Daniel R. Brady
Mary (Schram) Cockerill '47  
Archbishop Emeritus Elden F. Curtiss
Loy Edwards Flanagan `66 & Mike Flanagan `91
Ivan and Rita Gilreath
Paula (Forsgren) '81 and Bill Glade
Dr. Bernice (Jedlicka) Haney '62
Peter and Angie Haring
Patricia (Hiber) Hawkins '72
Barbi Hayes '89 and Dr. Tom Bragg
Dr. Jack and Kathy Buso Healy
Dr. Maureen Hoppe D'17
Linda Hoven '93
Marci and Bob Koory
Jennifer and Chad Kuchta 
Julie (Dean) '94 '00 and John Lingelbach
Patty Maggio 
Dr. James and Pat Manion
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 
Stephanie O'Keefe 
Margaret O'Neill '65 
Marilyn (Demerath) Orr '72
Anastacia (Stacey) Rhodes-Butler '89
Kyle and Mike Robino
Linda (Gralheer) '69 and Hon. Patrick Rogers J.D.
Tara Ruppert
Connie Ryan
Dr. Andrew Shim and Lili Shim
Joseph Todd 
Dot and Bert Von Spreckelsen
Jo (Walsh) Wandel J.D. '70 and Dr. Jan Heese


For a complete list of all those who supported College of Saint Mary students, please take a look at the Friends of College of Saint Mary 2018-19 listing.