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Benefits of an All-Women’s College

You can read all the research that reveals the benefits of an all-women’s college. But we think the real “proof” is in the success of our graduates. They will tell you that they felt free to express themselves in the classroom, in the studio and on the field. Here is where they met their best friends for life who challenged them to excel – and see how far they could go with their potential. And they will tell you that their College of Saint Mary education is what helped them grow into confident, capable leaders.

The Facts

According to the Women’s College Coalition, students at all-women’s colleges:

  • Achieve higher career levels and earn larger salaries
  • Develop measurably higher levels of self-esteem
  • Are more likely to choose and succeed in male-dominated fields such as medicine, engineering and law
  • Have more opportunities in leadership positions
  • Participate more in class discussions
  • Are six times more likely to be on the boards of Fortune 1000 companies
  • Are more likely to receive doctoral degrees
  • Tend to be more involved in philanthropy after college