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Meet the Biology and Human Biology Faculty

Phyllis Higley, PhD
Director, Biology Program
Director, Human Biology Program
Professor of Biology

BS Plant Protection, Cornell University
MS Plant Pathology, Iowa State University
PhD Plant Pathology, Iowa State University

Areas of Expertise
Teaching, Plant Pathology, Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria

Accomplishments and Published Articles
Higley, L. G., Higley, P. M., & Brosius, T. Value of “bad” drawing in teaching. (2023). The American Biology Teacher (in press). 
Higley, P. M. 2018. Encouraging Classroom Participation Through In-Class Reviews. Teaching Professor, 32(3), 3.
Higley, P.M. “What is biosecurity?” in Aponte-Cordero, W.V. and Nielson, Al L. 2009. Understanding biosecurity and its limitations. American Entomologist 55: 145-156 (Non-refereed)
Higley, P.M. and L.G. Higley. 2007. Limitations to the use of plant pathogens as agents of bioterrorism. XVI International Plant Protection Congress Proceedings volume 2 (Non-refereed).
Higley, L.G. and P. M. Higley. 2007. Can insects be bioterrorism agents? XVI International Plant Protection Congress Proceedings volume 2 (Non-refereed).
Zinniel, D.K., P. Lambrecht, N.B. Harris, Z. Feng, D. Kuczmarski, P. Higley, C.A. Ishimaru, A. Arunakumari, R.G. Barletta, and A.K. Vidaver. 2002. Isolation and characterization of endophytic colonizing bacteria from agronomic crops and prairie plants. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 68:2198-2208.

Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild
Unitarian Church of Lincoln Gallery

phigley [at]
Jennifer Grove, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology

BS Biology, University of Nebraska, Omaha
MS Biology, University of Nebraska, Omaha
PhD Medical Sciences, Genetics, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Areas of Expertise
Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology, Hematology, Oncology, Pathology

jgrove [at]
Amanda Roe, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology

BS Agroecology, Insect Science, University of Wyoming
MS Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
PhD Applied Ecology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

aroe [at]
Heather Stigge, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology

BS Natural Sciences, Peru State College
MS Biology, Sam Houston State University
PhD Zoology, Parasitology, Oklahoma State University

hstigge [at]
Nassiba Adjerid, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biology

BS Biology, Virginia Tech
PhD Biology, Virginia Tech

Areas of Expertise
Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Accomplishments and Published Articles

Chk1 is Activated at the Midblastula Transition in Xenopus laevis Embryos Independently of DNA Content and the Cyclin E/Cdk2 Developmental Timer. Adjerid, Nassiba, Wroble, Brian, and Jill C. Sible. Cell Cycle, February 2008.

A Quantitative Model of the Effect of Unreplicated DNA on Cell Cycle Progression in Frog Egg Extracts. Zwolak, Jason, Adjerid, Nassiba, Bagci, Elife, Tyson, John J. and Jill C. Sible. PLoS Computational Biology, September 2009.

Biology mentor for the Marie Curie Program
Program director for the Walk Tall Honors Program
Member of the Community Engagement Task Force

nadjerid [at]