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Continuing Education and Training


Karla Bergen, Ph.D.   “Creating an Open Education Resource Speech Course,” National
      Communication Association. Chicago, IL, November, 2014.
Sally Bisson-Best, J.D.   American Bar Association Reapproval Process, American Association for
      Paralegal Education. Summerlin, NV, October, 2014.
    Using Technology in Paralegal Education, American Association for Paralegal
      Education. Summerlin, NV, October, 2014.
    Attorneys, Paralegals and the Unauthorized Practice of Law, Nebraska Bar
      Association and Nebraska Paralegal Association. Omaha, NE, May,
Steven Brewer, M.B.C.   “Marketing Seminar,” Anderson University. Anderson, IN, August, 2014.
    “Research Methods,” Anderson University. Anderson, IN, January, 2015.
    “Global Business,” Anderson University. Anderson, IN, May, 2015.
    “Advanced Business Ethics,” Anderson University. Anderson, IN, May, 2015.
Marcella Echternacht, M.S.N.   Integrating Recovery Model into Undergraduate Nursing Education.
      Omaha, NE, September, 2014.
    Professional Communication in the Workplace & through Social Media.
      Omaha, NE, October, 2014.
    Managing Major Depressive Disorder: Mapping Symptoms and Response to
      Evidence-based Treatment. Omaha, NE, November, 2014.
    Strategies for Optimizing Adherence in Patients with Schizophrenia. Omaha,
      NE, December, 2014.
    Redefining Insomnia Disorder: An Update in Nosology, Pathophysiology, and
      Implications. Omaha, NE, December, 2014.
    Clinical Challenges in Psychiatry: Focus on Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.
      Omaha, NE, December, 2014.
    Clinical Implications and Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview.
      Omaha, NE, January, 2015.
    How to Decide on a PhD or DNP: How do Goals, Process and Outcomes
      Compare. Omaha, NE, January, 2015.
    Seclusion and Restraint: Keys to Assessing and Mitigating Risks. Omaha, NE,
      January, 2015.
    Overcoming Challenges in Schizophrenia: Strategies for Long-Term
      Management and Relapse Prevention. Omaha, NE, January, 2015.
    Policy Changes in Substance Use Disorders and Access to Treatment Impacting
      Prescribers. Omaha, NE, January, 2015.
    Sigma Theta Tau Winter Program. Omaha, NE, February, 2015.
Melanie Felton, Ph.D.   CLASS PreK Training. Des Moines, IA, March 11-12, 2015.
Christi Glesmann, Ed.D.   Nursing Education. San Diego, CA, April, 2015.
    ACEN-National Accreditation standards. Chicago, IL, March, 2015.
Maureen Hoppe, M.A.   Exploring the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process,
      3rd ed. Omaha, NE, August, 2014.
    Interprofessional Approach to Education Through Use of Simulation
      Technology. Nashville, TN, April, 2015.
    Eleanor Clark Slagle Lecture. Nashville, TN, April, 2015.
    Thermal Therapy. Omaha, NE, June, 2015.
Jennifer Kuchta, M.S.N.   Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Pi At-Large Chapter 2015 Winter Program. Omaha,
      NE, February, 2015.
    NCLEX Regional Workshop: Tech-Design Higher Test Questions. Lincoln, NE,
      March, 2015.
Lois Linden, Ed.D.   WebEx Training. Omaha, NE, March-May, 2015.
Kristi Preisman, Ph.D.   WebEx Training. Omaha, NE, January-April, 2015.
Jennifer Rose-Woodward, Ed.D.   Blended Education Workshop. Kearney, NE, January 20-22, 2015.
Mary Smith, M.O.T.   COTE: Designing Courses for Integrative Learning: Theory, Research,
      Implementation & Assessment. Fort Collins, CO, June, 2015.
Merryellen Towey Schulz, Ph.D.   A Digital Intervention: Preparing to Take the 1:1 Leap, Education Week. March
      26, 2015.
    Improving Student Achievement with the Help of Education Technology,
      Webinar from Tomorrow: Digital Innovations Webinar Series. June 5,
Claudia Wickham, M.S.   Doctor of Education, College of Saint Mary. Omaha, NE, May, 2015.
Kathleen Zajic, Ed.D.   ATI Nurse Educator Summit. San Diego, CA, April, 2015.
    ACEN Self-Study Forum. Chicago, IL, March, 2015.