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Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What benefits will I get from this degree?

A. The degree is designed to prepare you for your next career move and beyond.It will help you develop the knowledge and competencies to prepare you to move up the career ladder or to expand your contribution to you any organization you join.

It will enable you to:

  • Develop your own talents
  • Fully understand how you influence people
  • Maximize your skills in managing and leading
  • Analyze the complexities of your organization to leverage your leadership
  • Capitalize upon the knowledge of your organization, its people and relevant data to guide decision making
  • Enhance your capabilities in strategic thinking and financial decision making

Q. How does the MSOL degree compare to an MBA?

A. An MBA will allow you to develop more in depth in specific business topics such as finance, marketing and accounting.  Instead of learning about an organization in discrete parts, the MSOL degree enables students to understand the complex interconnectedness of organizations. Students apply specific knowledge and concepts allowing them to leverage their professional talents to maximize their positive influence in management and leadership roles.  Students learn to work with people, facilitate continuous improvement and execute change.

Q. Can I manage my career and a family while earning this degree?

A. Yes, you can!  The program is designed to accomplish outcomes without unnecessary hoops to jump through, but with the rigor needed to really learn and having your degree mean something!  Depending upon how quickly you read, you can expect on average 7 - 10 hours per week - per class, although it varies by week.  It is a graduate program and as such, has certain academic standards to meet, but most people really embrace the learning because it is applied – meaning you can use on Monday what you learn the week before; and because you are taking courses that you see the relevance for, unlike some of our undergraduate observations.

Q. Will I be the only person my age in the program?

A. It is likely that you won’t be.  Each year the cohort is made up of different people with a variety of diversities and career interests, levels and backgrounds.

Q. How will I know if it is right for me?

A. It is ideal to meet with the program director to explore your goals and dreams to determine if this program is the right one to deliver what you need. If not, referrals to other types of programs can be made.

Q. How will I figure out the finances?

A. Please meet with a Financial Aid representative right away and go on line to complete the FAFSA application.  Our representatives are very helpful!